Hastings Highlands Budget Meeting

Hastings Highlands Budget Meeting

Hastings Highlands Council is proposing a 4.8% tax increase

Hastings Highlands Council has RESCHEDULED the proposed public Budget Information meeting originally scheduled for April 18 to MONDAY MAY 2 2016 @ 7 PM

The meeting will be held in Emond Hall, the auditorium of Hastings Highlands Municipal Offices, in Maynooth. All members of KAPOA living in Hastings Highlands are strongly encouraged to attend and voice an opinion on the proposed tax increase.

Hastings Highlands Vegetative Buffer Bylaw Meeting – May 23 2015

KAPOA’s executive reminds the membership that this coming Saturday, May 23, Hastings Highlands Council is hosting a public meeting regarding information on the VEGETATIVE BUFFER BYLAW.

The bylaw affects the use of all waterfront properties in the township. KAPOA strongly recommends that as many as possible of its members attend.

The session will be held in the gymnasium of the Township Municipal offices at 9 am.

Winter Newsletter Spring 2015 Edition

Winter Newsletter Spring 2015 Edition

Originally this was to appear as the winter newsletter but we have all been busy so welcome to the
better-late-than-never Winter Newsletter Spring 2015 Edition!

The colours of the fall leaves around Kamaniskeg were the best in recent memory. Please send us any great photographs of the area in any season to share with others if your camera got lucky?

With the previous winter being so long and cold and the ice extra thick (ie 42″), such that some ice fishermen needed extensions to their ice augers, the summer seemed compressed. It was a race to get docks in with the late start and the pace sustained throughout the summer. Whether you figure your summer season was 4, 8, 12 or 16 weeks, it all seemed to pass so quickly. So much for the slow, leisurely pace of yesteryear.

KAPOA would like to thank all its Directors and Area Membership Reps for their time and energy to help make our properties safer and more enjoyable by working together.