KAPOA Spring Newsletter 2018

From The President 2018

With an Unstable weather year of 2017, many people are focusing their attention on a great summer for 2018. This year will not only be looked at as a recovery year from 2017 flooding with severe shoreline erosion and extensive dock damage, but a recovery year in the political year as we face another municipal election in October of 2018. There has to be major improvements in the way that the mayor and council run Hastings Highlands. This is the time to reflect on how mayor and council reacted to the flooding, was there any help offered and was it offered early enough? How were we treated at budget time over the past few years? Were the taxes fair? Was the budget scrutinized for unnecessary spending. What about the 1 million dollar lawsuit over the road contract tender, a decision made against the recommendation of their consultant. The past 4 years has been a term of” Take Aways”. First of all curbside trash pickup was eliminated, then council did away with the ward system against the wishes of the taxpayer. Do you think council and Mayor are working for our best interests? Are they listening to the people who elected them and they represent?

This is the year for tax payers to speak out, a year to elect mayor and council that will be accountable to the public and responsible in spending of our hard earned tax dollars. Only then will we see growth and prosperity in Hastings Highlands. Your Tax Dollars-Your Say.

KAPOA will set up a booth on Bay Days in front of the Pet Store, come on out and say hi. Let us know of any concerns you might have, also this will be a great opportunity to pay your membership dues and pick up your KAPOA 911 sticker and help us be efficient. See you on Bay Days Saturday May 19th. Also KAPOA is offering “e-transfer” as an option in paying your membership dues this year. More information to follow.

This year KAPOA’s AGM meeting will be interesting as we will have an opportunity to meet some of the candidates running for the October election. A good opportunity both for the candidates and the membership to communicate their concerns. Come early and mingle and enjoy a coffee and some of Andrea’s famous donuts. Last year the AGM was well received so come on out and bring a neighbour.

This year there will be door prizes to be won so come on out! If you have some ideas on how we can improve our AGM meetings and increase attendance let us know would a different day in the week be more suitable, or would an evening meeting bring more members out? Take the time to drop us a line at kapoacares@gmail.com. Your suggestions are important to us.

I’d like to thank all the hardworking KAPOA volunteers that make this organization as great as it is. THANK YOU ONE AND ALL! KAPOA is always looking for more volunteers so take advantage of this opportunity and join our dedicated team of volunteers that do great things and have fun doing it. You can volunteer as much of your time as you want, or you can volunteer to be part of our newsletter team or our political action team or any other specific function that interests you. If you enjoy KAPOA activities and services and would like to make sure that they are there in the future, then consider helping out and lighten the load for those who are working so hard to make this the great organization that it is.

Ed Kobylka President


With elections coming this fall and this year’s budget process about to begin it is really time to pay attention to which councilors are serving our interests as property owners. During the past term I was disappointed with the lack of promised focus on core issues and a budget process that put recreational issues before infrastructure. Looking back on the pre-election promises and following performance at council I was pleased with Councilor Peplinski’s and Councilor Maika’s strong efforts in financial and supervisory oversight and wished our Mayor and others on council had supported their efforts more readily. In the coming election I will look strongly at candidates who care about us as under serviced and overtaxed rate payers. Hopefully the Mayor will not start the budget process again this year with a 21.69% proposed increase that has to be argued back to a sane level.

There have been considerable staffing turnover and once again we have a new CAO starting. The new CAO, Sue Klatt has past experience working for our township in Administration and then gained actual experience first as a Deputy Clerk/Treasurer, and CAO/Clerk in nearby South Algonquin. Sue then served as the CAO/Clerk in Horton township. Hopefully with her we will now see oversight that will stabilize and support a healthy staffing environment and that council will support her with proper due diligence.

A new recreation committee in Combermere, chaired by Elaine Schweig, has been highly successful this past year putting on many events. This motivated group of volunteers put on a Hunters Super, a High Tea, a Children’s Christmas party, a New Year’s skating party and Family Day event, that not only did not reach into the tax payers pockets but raised money to helped offset the Community Centers costs. It would be wonderful to see the many people who have interests in our village railway station follow this example of volunteerism and offsetting community costs. Community and cultural events are positive and good for community growth but need not create growing demands on the community purse. A recent proposal from a cultural and historic group was rejected to take over operation of the Railway Station based on their request for $160,000.00 of public funding to operate it. The Railway Station is being reopened by council as a seasonal museum and information center.

The Lakeshore Tennis courts were opened for general public use on the Canada Day weekend. The Township is still awaiting the Tennis Club executive’s cooperation in signing a Memo of Understanding to get the Club up and operating for the season.

Andy Boyd



We are privileged here in Hastings Highlands and Madawaska Valley to have access to a hospital so close to our places of residence. St. Francis Hospital sees more that 10,000 patients per year in their emergency department. It is imperative for the community to support this rural treasure and keep it alive and well for one and all and even future generations. Keeping our hospital current with up to date technology is a necessity in order to secure Federal funding. We are hoping for your support in this year’s fundraiser.

The Poker Run is an event where boaters meet at the Barry’s Bay docks at 9:30 a.m. to collect their registration package. Travel to seven docks on the water system to collect seven cards to make up your best 5 card poker hand. Meet for a barbeque at Hinterland Beach where prizes will be distributed to the top 5 poker hands submitted.

You can’t be present? Well no problem. You can enter a ‘virtual’ boat where the Poker Run Committee will draw your seven cards and let you be eligible for prizes. If you are in town, you can still attend the barbeque.

To register for the 2018 Poker Run, please go to www.kapoa.ca. Click on Community and then Poker Run and you will see a fillable registration form that you can complete and mail, or, call Lynne MacLean at 905 802 6327 to make arrangements drop off your registration.

REGATTA Saturday August 4, 2018

As spring fast approaches, we can’t help thinking about summer in Hastings Highlands and the Madawaska Valley, the favourite summertime destination of our KAPOA membership. And of course, dreaming of summer near the water brings back wonderful memories of our long-running KAPOA tradition – the KAPOA regatta! Based on our trophies, this event has been highly anticipated by families annually since at least as early as 1972, making it at least 46 years old this summer! Anything still going strong for that long must be a must-attend event, so make it your destination for an afternoon of sun, fun, friendly rivalry and a good number of laughs this year. Whether you’re interest is in participating in or cheering on the sailing, swimming, canoeing, sand castle building or tug-of-war, there’s something for everyone at the Hinterland Beach on Sat Aug 4th. Be at the beach before 11am if you’re joining in on the sailing race (contact William Cahoon if interested), or by 1pm for the start of the swim and canoe competitions. Sand castle judging will be held at 3pm and tug-of-war wraps up the day around 4pm. Hotdogs and drinks remain the best deal on the lake at $1 each, with all funds supporting the regatta. Can’t wait to see familiar and new faces alike in early August!

Kerra Wylie

Bird Sightings

When Duncan and I first purchased our cottage in 2001, we noticed a very obvious lack of birds, except chickadees. As time has gone by, the bird population has increased substantially with us sighting eagles, humming birds, American red starts, Cooper’s hawks, gosh hawks and blue jays to name a few. For the first time, this spring, we have spotted scarlet tanagers.

For those of you who are bird enthusiasts check out birdstudiescanada@birdscanada.org to see what is new in the world of bird studies, reporting and sightings.

Lynne MacLean


Many of you have special talents and organizational skills and KAPOA would really like to have you involved. We are looking for fun, cost free events that our members, both young and old, can take part in to strengthen our community ties. In particular, we would like to encourage our youth to become more involved with their community by making events possible for them. Some suggestions might be:

  • Getting together for a canoe/kayak paddle in the Conroy Marsh, including a stop for lunch and a swim of course.
  • Getting together to go hiking to one of the many lookouts in our area.
  • Maybe a youth campfire or get together.
  • Cross Country skiing, skating, curling outdoor events.

If you or your older children could head one of these events, please let us know and we would be happy to make announcements to our members.

If you have any suggestions for possible events, please contact us at kapoacares.ca or telephone any of the directors of KAPOA. Remember, we need YOU to make KAPOA an exciting and vibrant organization.

Lynne MacLean


They eat in the same place where they defecate. Among other causes, ducks feces can cause diseases like skin rash (Swimmer’s itch) especially in kids and also adults.

Why Bread is Bad for Ducks: Not only can bread be fattening to ducks and make it harder for them to fly and otherwise evade predators, feeding ducks bread can also lead to other problems.

Duckling Malnutrition: In an area where ducks are regularly fed bread, ducklings will not receive adequate nutrition for proper growth and development. Furthermore, because ducks will naturally seek out an easy food source such as human handouts, ducklings will not learn to forage for natural foods as easily.

Overcrowding: Where an easy food source is abundant, ducks and other waterfowl will lay more eggs and the pond or lake will become overcrowded. This makes it more difficult for the birds to seek out healthier food sources and increases the likelihood of territorial aggression.

Pollution: When too much bread is offered to ducks, not all of it will be eaten. The soggy, uneaten bread is unsightly and rotting bread can create noxious odors as well as lead to greater algae growth that can clog natural waterways. This concentrates the pollution and can eventually eradicate fish and other life in the vicinity.

Diseases: Feeding ducks bread can increase the spread of diseases in two ways. First, a carbohydrate-rich diet leads to greater defecation, and bird feces easily harbor bacteria responsible for numerous diseases, including avian botulism. Second, moldy bread can cause aspergillosis, a fatal lung infection that can decimate entire duck and waterfowl flocks.

Pest Attraction: Rotting supplies of food leftover from sated ducks will attract other unwelcome pests such as rats, mice and insects. These pests can also harbor additional diseases that can be dangerous to humans.

Loss of Natural Behaviour: When birds become accustomed to handouts, they lose their natural fear of humans and may become aggressive in order to get more food. Their loss of fear can also cause other dangers, such as a willingness to cross busy roads in order to reach picnickers and other likely sources of food.


KAPOA contributes $200.00 to local food bank
KAPOA contributes $200 to the local LIONS



1 lb Shrimp
2 table spoons butter or oil
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 teaspoon minced garlic or garlic powder
3 tablespoons lemon juice
Melt butter over medium heat, add garlic or garlic powder, add shrimp
salt and pepper then add lemon juice.
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
Large shrimp cook for 3-4 minutes.
” Don’t cook shrimp too long after adding lemon juice”

Oatmeal cookies

Heat oven to 350
In large bowl mix 3/4 cup shortening, 1 cup firmly packed brown sugar, 1/2 cup granulated sugar till creamy.
Add 1 egg, 1/4 cup water, 1 tsp vanilla and mix well.
Add 3 cups oatmeal, 1 cup flour, 1 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp baking powder and mix well.
Place rounded spoonfuls on non stick cookie sheet- makes approx 2 dozen
Bake for 11-13 minutes or until edges are golden brown.
Remove to wire rack to cool.

If you have a recipe you would like to share, please forward it to kapoacares@gmail.com

Safety on the Water

KAPOA strongly supports safe and responsible operation of boats and Jet Skis. Whether you’re just cruising or tubing please do it safely and responsibly. Everyone on Kamaniskeg Lake is entitled to enjoy the waters on a hot July day, keep in mind that there are swimmers and canoes in the water and fast operation of a watercraft on the river, and narrow stretches of water makes it hard to see them. Please help to prevent shoreline erosion and be considerate of boats in their docks by watching your “wake”. Let’s make Kamaniskeg a safe lake for all of us

Please Don’t Litter

The past summer has shown an increase in litter on the roads and in the ditches around Kamaniskeg Lake. Let’s do our part to protect the beauty of the area we live in and insure the value of our properties, please don’t litter.

There are plans to organize a “Litter Pick Up Day” in the spring, watch for bulletins for more information in the spring. If you are interested in taking part in a litter pickup around your area, please contact us @ kapoacares@gmail.com.

Preparing Your Home for a Loved One with Alzheimer’s!

Caring for a loved one who is suffering with Alzheimer’s can be overwhelming. You want your home to be a safe haven, but how do you meet the challenge? Follow these tips to provide for your senior’s needs and find peace of mind.

A widespread issue. Alzheimer’s disease is a prevalent problem, and for the majority of families with an Alzheimer’s patient, at some point it means becoming an in-home caregiver. As Redfin notes, “Alzheimer’s disease affects about 5.4 million Americans, about 5.2 million of which are 65 and older. It can be your grandparent, your cousin, your sibling or even your parent who faces the diagnosis. Eventually, those with Alzheimer’s require round-the-clock care, and for many families, that means taking the loved one into their own home.”

In-home care. While your decision to bring someone you love into your home may be straightforward, it doesn’t mean the transition is going to be simple. You will need to make an evaluation of the living area and potentially modify your home to accommodate your loved one’s needs. Take a careful look at your home and decide what alterations will be needed to provide safety and security.

Entrance. Ideally your home will offer a step-free entrance. Even if your loved one isn’t using a wheelchair, stairs can prove to be tripping hazards for Alzheimer’s patients. Install a ramp if possible, or ensure stair steps are secure and have landings at the top and bottom. You will need a sturdy hand railing, and should adhere contrasting tape to step ledges so they are highly visible. Apply a texture to the surface so steps aren’t slippery.

Living space. One floor living is best, and it is preferable if your senior’s living area is on the ground floor. This should include a bedroom and bathroom, with doors for privacy but minus the locks. If you don’t have a spare bedroom, revamp another room to make the accommodation, such as a home office or television room.

Some experts recommend installing a baby monitor in the bedroom so you will be aware of trouble such as a fall. Aim for simplification so there isn’t a lot of furniture or other obstacles to navigate. Bring some furniture from your loved one’s home to the new living area to help with the transition; your Alzheimer’s patient will feel more at ease with some familiar belongings. Provide plenty of lighting, including nightlights, to help with vision and orientation issues.

Schedule. Setting a daily routine can benefit both you and your loved one. The Alzheimer’s Association explains that providing structure can help your loved one follow the pattern of the days and prevent wandering. Pay attention to your senior’s behavior and evaluate what times of day seem to be most clear and smooth, then alter your schedule so you can take advantage of those good hours. Aging Care notes there may be variations from day to day and you will need to remain flexible.

Wandering. Some Alzheimer’s patients are prone to wandering. Even with the most diligent of precautions sometimes patients slip out, so if your loved one wanders you should consider special safeguards. You can install locks on exterior doors out of sight, either higher or lower than usual, and sensors or bells that alert you when doors or windows open.

One idea is to have your senior wear an ID bracelet that includes a 24-hour emergency number. You should also inform neighbors that if your loved one is seen out alone to please notify you immediately.

Bringing an Alzheimer’s patient into your home is a challenge. Evaluate your home and make alterations as needed. You’ll find with good preparations you can provide safety and security to your loved one.

Information Bulletin Provided by Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD)

Hastings Highlands Future Events

  • Poop Talk & Aliens: Saturday June 23 2018
  • REUSE-IT DAYS: Saturday July 21 2018, Saturday October 13, 2018
  • Household Hazardous Waste Day: Saturday July 21 2018, Saturday October 13, 2018

Public Notice

As of April 1 2018 to October 31 2018 the Open Air Burning Season is in effect.

No Dayburning is allowed in North HAstings from 7:00am to 7:00pm, which incluides but not limited to Burn Barrels, Incinerators, Brush Piles and Yard Waste


  • Bay Days: Saturday May 19, 2018
  • AGM: Saturday July 7, 2018
  • Poker Run: Saturday July 28, 2018
  • Regatta: Saturday August 4, 2018
  • Appetizer Party: Saturday August 18, 2018
  • Corn Roast: Saturday September 1, 2018
  • Lighted Boat Parade: Saturday September 1, 2018


Dear KAPOA member,

As the new editorial staff of the KAPOA Newsletter, we are turning to you for input to the Newsletter. If you have an article you would like to write and submit or if you have any ideas regarding either the content or format of the Newsletter, we encourage you to forward them to the staff.

We can be reached at: kapoanewslettereditors@gmail.com

KAPOA Spring Newsletter 2018