KAPOA Fall Newsletter 2016-11-14

President’s Message

It is an honour to represent the KAPOA membership as President. I am determined to work hard and make every member proud to belong to this great organization, and I will work so that members will know members and recognize each other no matter where they go. I will always be thankful for our volunteers and recognize and appreciate them in everything that they do. I’m energized and looking forward to working with our very talented directors and officers, who have led the membership over the years, and to strategize with them on KAPOA’s future. I’m encouraged that we’re approaching 300 members, which number will, hopefully, continue to grow. I expect that, eventually, I’ll have the opportunity to meet each and every one of you. I will always represent and fight for the needs and of each and every member of KAPOA. Times are changing and our concerns are changing apace, and we find ourselves increasingly entering the political arena to address them.

I would like to thank past President Dave Wilson for all his work, outstanding effortsand the vast amount of time sacrificed to make KAPOA what it is today. I thank Dave for his vision and determination in organizing the Interlake Associations, as well as many other endeavors. I welcome Dave to stay involved with the Kapoa family, in any way he is able, and I appreciate his expertise. Thank you, Dave and Joanne!

Ed Kobylka – President KAPOA



Thu. 4 May @ 9:30AM


Bay Days booth – Sat. 20 May – time TBA


Sat. 8 July – time TBA


Sat. 29 KAPOA July – Registration: 9-10 AM. at Barry’s Bay Municipal Boat Launch


Sat. 5 Aug – @ Noon at Hinterland Beach – Sailing @ 11AM


Sat. 19 Aug @ 2- 5 PM Details TBA


Sat. 2 Sept @ 5:30 PM – Hinterland Beach


Sat. 2 Sept @ dusk – Hinterland Beach



Handy Contact Numbers

Emergency Hydro One Power Outages Well Water Test Bottles / Drops
911 800-434-1235 BB Lorraine’s Pharmacy
Invasive Species Contact Blue Green Algae Bloom Alert / Spills Action Centre KAPOA
800-563-7711 800-268-6060 kapoacares@gmail.com

From The Desk of the VP

Fall 2016

The summer that never ends. Here it is, late- October and I’m still sitting on the dock! Not only did we get the best summer in 20 years, with little rain, no severe storms and temperatures in the high-20s most days, but that only June! July, August and September were nearly as nice, and October saw the best colours in the last 10 years. If we get a big snow storm, for this family it would make a perfect year. Fall is the time for closing the cottage if you’re not here full-time or your place isn’t usable year round. More and more people are insulating, building an addition or tearing down the old cottage and building a retirement home. Fall is the time for topping-up the heating fuel tanks, moving some wood indoors and “battening the hatches” for winter. The changes of season are spectacular and everyone has their own favourite but, with water temperatures over 23 degreesC in Kamaniskeg, this summer was by far the best!

2016 has been an interesting time for KAPOA. Our Hastings Highlands Municipal Council tried to pass a “Vegetative” Buffer bylaw that would have severely limited what changes property owners could make on the shore portions of their properties, then tried to put through get a 4.8% tax increase, but our strong tunout and effective presentations at both public meetings resulted in both issues being withdrawn. However, our taxes continue to increase, due to unrealistic assessments by MPAC, who appear not to realize that our properties are only worth what the market will bear, and that figure seems to top off at $399K for properties sold on Kamaniskeg for now. Most sales are $299K and under. Check your MPAC statement and ask yourself “Would I be able to sell my property for what it’s assessed at?”. Make sure they have your proper location, as some properties on the river are being assessed as “lakefront” and are paying the higher rate! This would be an ideal time to join KAPOA and become part of the BIG voice for your rights and fair taxes. REMINDER: the KAPOA membership dues are due in January 2017, so please make the time and send in your $20 annual membership fee. KAPOA will be sending bulletins and newsletters to paid-up members only. Just send a cheque to KAPOA, Box 297, Barry’s Bay ON K0J 1B0. If you’re presently a member, tell your neighbours about KAPOA and everything that we do, including the Boat Poker Run (which this year contributed over $11,000 to our local hospital), the big Family Regatta and the KAPOA Corn Roast, water quality testing on Kamaniskeg Lake and –last but not least– presenting KAPOA members’ concerns to both the Hastings Highlands and the Madawaska Valley Municipal Councils.

If you live here year round, call me anytime.

Bob Millar
Membership Chair
Vice-President KAPOA


Madawaska Valley Township

As KAPOA members and rural and waterfront property owners, we pay excessive taxes in Madawaska Valley Township and we bear the majority of the total tax levy. In the last election, we voted out a Council on the basis of over- taxation and irresponsible spending. We voted in candidates who promised to focus on core services and responsible spending. Let’s take a close look at our taxation and where our taxes are going:

The 2015 tax levy from the community was $3,604,407. Fees, Service Charges, Grants and the Provincial tax transfer payments gave us a total budget of $7,955,716. This created a year-end surplus of $218,000 that was moved into Reserves. The 2016 budget once again approved a tax levy of $360,4407.00 from the community, which will also enjoy some increase due to MPAC property value assessments.
Let’s look at how these taxes are spent in the major community budgets looking at the 2016 Operating expenses:

Administration $908,455
Miscellaneous Protection services $928,926
Library $146,250
Fire protection services $215,500
Roadways $1,261,475
Waste disposal $629,150
Planning/Zoning/Building/Septic/Bylaw $204,843
Economic Development $143,830
Parks and Recreation $716,575

These figures do not include capital expenses, which significantly increase many of these operating budgets or additions to capital reserves.

Presently the township is sitting on $4,559,957 in Total Reserves. This figure does not include additional separate Reserve Funds of $209,304 for Curbside Collection, $184,422 for Transfer Stations and $1,085,719 in the Water and Wastewater Reserve. There was, at budget time, $1,200,000 in outstanding unpaid taxes, of which many were historic and had been unaddressed.

There has been much focus on grants and projects to beautify the Town of Barry’s Bay with a vision of attracting future economic development. Historically, it was the lakes, rivers, and forests that attracted us to the area. Now, we see a changing dynamic in the middle class family cottages; they are, increasingly, year- round retirement residences and have retirees challenged by the excessively high and increasing taxes. These challenges of increased tax- in-retirement are also strongly affecting long-time local residentswho are on limited and/or fixed incomes.

It’s time for three things: FIRST, the Grant focus must be changed from aesthetic improvements to working to assist offsetting operational expenses and decreasing the tax burden. SECOND, capital expenditures need to be dedicated to maintaining our current infrastructure and not to adding new infrastructure that will only serve to increase the financial burden of future operating and maintenance expenses. THIRD, we need a balancing of the mill rates to address the fact that waterfront and rural residents, many of whom are seasonal employees, are carrying most of the tax burden while getting the least benefit from the services.

There are townships with similar disparities that have created a dual mill rate structure that balances the tax contributions back to a fairer rate of paying a fair share for services received. If we move to this system, future Councils and staff would have to be mindful that they are administrating funds from a community expecting reasonable services at reasonable costs. We accept there are many good ideas and many good things that can be done in the community in time, but not the mentality that “We’ll just increase taxes”, as there are limits on what we can afford.

Andy Boyd
PAC, Madawaska Valley Township

Political Action 2016

Hastings Highlands

Politically , it was a very active year in Hastings Highlands; the curbside garbage pickup issue has now become a petition-oriented war of srategy between “the wants” and the the “don’t wants”. The whole thing resembles a hurricane approaching land, completely out of control. Some think that the party with the largest petition will win the cause for their side, while others believe that convincing the Councilors to, “do the right thing” will get them what they want, and others, still hope that , whatever happens, they don’t want their tax dollars going towards it. But the scariest bunch are the ones that are saying the people that pay the most taxes should have it their way! So much for democracy. So, if you pay less in taxes than I do, you have no rights!

If there wasn’t enough going on for you, Councillor Nancy Matheson thought it might be a good idea to bring some variety into the war zone and make a motion to discuss cancelling the Ward system of representation because, apparently, the Councillors aren’t doing their job, according to Mayor Vivian Bloom. If we get rid of the Ward system, then all the Councillors would be voted in at- large, with no boundaries, which would force them to represent all of Hastings Highlands constituents.. Anyone attending Council meetings, who sees our Mayor and Councillors in action, knows that this won’t work. Some of the Councillors have been there too long, well past their “best before” date. “Out with the old and in with the new!”, and you may find that the Ward system actually can work if the people in it want it to work! Abolishing the Ward system would also leave us open for AMALGAMATION with Bancroft …. they would love our tax base!

Moving along, landfills are still a mess and accepting less and less recyclables and landfill. You hear of the ever-increasing costs of the landfills and one has to wonder what these increasing costs could possibly be, as nothing has changed.

Most of the roads in Hastings Highlands are in terrible shape and are getting worse, as we see no activity or hope on the horizon that road repair is in progress, except for Highway 62. After all the whining about Provincial downloads on the municipalities, (but don’t mention the numerous grants received to ease the burden), one would think that Highway 62 would be paved from Maynooth to Maple Leaf, after all they have talked about it for so long. But no.. it’s a checker board patch job.

In view of all that is happening, or not happening, in Hastings Highlands, going to Council meetings and holding the Council — that we voted for– accountable, seems like the only recourse we have, at least until election time, which is not that far away…

Ed Kobylka


2016 KAPOA Regatta Wrap-up

It was another glorious regatta day, and we could not have asked for a better one for this year’s record turnout! The beach was brimming with sun shelters, sand castles and participants of all ages. We had all of the usual attendees and a good number of new ones – a trend we’d love to see continue for future regattas. A very big thanks to the KAPOA team who continue to make this day possible, and to the participants who make it all worth it. There is nothing more wonderful than hearing the encouragements from across the water for our younger participants who race to their very limits, and the good, healthy competition exchanged with our more seasoned participants (who need to take 5 after every race 🙂 And who knew that our most popular race this year would be the under-50 noodle race! We’ll definitely keep that one for next year!

A big shout out to our regatta sponsors: Cathy Pitts RE/MAX Country Classics Ltd; CO Country Market; the Pyz family; and Yuill’s Valu-Mart. We couldn’t have provided for this great event without your generous contributions of hotdogs, drinks, ribbons, medals, signage and also the upkeep of our trophies!

While everyone has fun and is a winner, we do award our outstanding sailing, swimming and all ’round competitor trophies to those participants who finish on top. A big congratulationS! to the following trophy winners:

Girls Swimming: a three-way tie among Alaina Ralph, Lindsay Cox & Sara Hansen
(highest number of points for the free swim, breast stroke and backstroke races)

Boys Swimming: (highest number of points in 3 events (as above): Ian Cox

Most Outstanding Competitor: (highest combined points: 3 swimming & 4 canoe races) : Ryan Kodis

Sailing: (first place finisher after handicap considerations): William Cahoon;
2nd place: John & Marie Craig;
3rd place: John Salt.

And the day would not be complete without all of our sandcastle winners who received individualized certificates for their winning categories, and the tug of war champions – Team 6 (Juniors), and the Lagerquist/Pyz A team (Seniors). The senior winners beat the odds after having to qualify to the final round, and with little rest then took on the defending champions “Sharknado” (formerly the “Barbarians”). The crowd on the beach received quite a show of strength and determination in the final pull!

Fantastic photos of the day’s finest memories have been captured by our long-time volunteer photographer, John Michalecki. Please check out the website for his great shots!

Thank you again, for a fabulous event and your words of encouragement throughout the day. We’re always happy to hear what’s going well, and what we can do better. And of course, we’d love your help next year with any of the events if you can give us a little of your time on the big day. See you next year on the August Civic holiday weekend

Kerra Wylie & Lynne MacLean


We were blessed with an absolutely glorious day for our Fourth Annual Poker Run 2016. Not only was the weather perfect, but we were able to beat our goal by over $1,000.00.

KAPOA, The Valley Gazette and the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation (SFVH Foundation) are proud to support St. Francis Memorial Hospital and, in particular, the lease/purchase of the new digital mammography unit already being used. This was our last year to allocate our funds to this equipment and we are very pleased to say that this year we were able to contribute $11,219.00, making our total donation in excess of $36,000.00 in the last four years.

Thanks to our many participants, virtual participants and donors, who have made this event such a great success. Every last cent collected was donated to SFVH Foundation. It is so important that we support our local rural hospital and by doing so help to ensure that we do not lose this precious institution that is so close and convenient for us all.

Thanks to our local sponsors of BOGO’s (Buy One Get One Free) Coupons. We had a total of $3,600.00 BOGO’s donated by the Ash Grove Inn, Bob Millar Ski & Wake School, Dairy Freez & Grill, Grumblin’ Granny’s, Home Hardware, Homestead at Wolf Ridge Golf Course, Kam-Keg Marine, Lorraine’s Pharmasave, MAD Outdoors, METRO Barry’s Bay, Spectacle Lake Lodge, Bent Anchor Bar & Restaurant and CO Country Market. Thanks to those who supplied and manned the docks; Wendell Henry’s Ash Grove Inn in Barry’s Bay, The Pyz Family across from Ski Island, Sharon Mahussier in Black Fish Bay, Clint & Heather Roche’s Bent Anchor manned by Andy Boyd and Bill Schwieg, The Enright Family in Negeek Lake, Wes Oram’s Sand Bay Camp manned by Peter and Mary Gibson and, last but not least, the Feaver/Henson family at Hinterland Beach.

Thanks to our KAPOA Poker Run 2016 Committee for all their endless help in making the arrangements for this event. To Ed Ragan, Bob Millar, David Wilson, Vince Steepe, Bob Tatarski, Jeneene Brunton and Mark Lyon for calling on all the participants, arranging all the BOGO’s, setting up the event and taking care of financial matters, and of course Viriginia Lyon, with the help of Pam Lyon and Joanne Wilson, for arranging and hosting the wonderful barbeque.

The day ended with speeches and the announiement of the Poker Run winners. 1st prize went to Harold & Lynn Markle, 2nd prize went to George & Helen Evans, 3rd prize went to Sean & Shelley O’Dwyer, 4th prize went to Paul Stach and 5th prize went to Don & Lynn Wilson/Dignam. Both Toni Lavigne-Conway and Jasna Boyd, Chair of the Board of Directors at St. Francis, extended their thanks to all participants and volunteers.

The winner of the 50/50 draw was Debbie Feaver who very kindly donated her $234.00 winnings to the SFVH Foundation.
Once again, I would like to thank everyone involved, both participants and volunteers, for a job well done and congratulations on your hard work.

Lynne MacLean
Chair, Poker Run 2016


This year’s appetizer party was, once again, a smashing success. It was held on Saturday, Aug. 6, the Saturday after the August Civic Holiday long weekend, genially hosted by Andy Tatarski on Golfers Lane.

The weather cooperated magnificently, as the temperature stayed at the above-normal readings that we enjoyed all summer. In fact, this led to some concern about keeping the many appetizers at health-safety levels.

By the end of the day, over 60 people arrived to share great food, conversation, meet old friends and make new acquaintances. It was a terrific opportunity to share stories with folks who otherwise find that their summer schedule is so busy with family, that socializing gets put on the back burner. Folks new to the area showed up and were warmly welcomed. These folks were amazed at the warmth with which they were welcomed and expressed pleasant envy at the extent of social life on the shores of our lake and rivers.

The “spread” that arrived was impressive and included contributions of numerous dishes such as shrimp, Swedish meat balls, pickled herring bits, several different dips (Avocado, artichoke, etc, , a wide variety of cheeses and many, many other items. It was obvious that the offerings reflected an eclectic mixture of traditional favourites, “ethnic flavours” and talented innovation (our own “nouvelle cuisine”) and it also made for some funny kibitzing and eye-opening to new tastes.

Next summer’s Lake Appetizer Party is scheduled for Saturday, Aug 19, and details regarding the location, and times etc. will be published in your Spring 2017 Newsletter.

The concept is very simple: Just arrive with one of your favourite appetizers, and you’re an honoured guest! Also, feel free to bring visiting family and friends.

It’s a great way to meet close and distant neighbours that you might otherwise not have an opportunity to meet.


2016 Water Quality Report

A third volunteer, Stefan Sibiga, has begun testing water quality on Kamaniskeg. He has chosen the old Ski Island test point, so we should begin to see a resumption of data results from there soon. At least two other KAPOA members participate in the Ontario Lake Partner Program on the Kamaniskeg/Madawaska waterway. We submit samples to the Ontario Environment Ministry every spring and also do water clarity tests throughout the boating season. The Ministry sometimes also performs its own measurements.

The Ministry’s water sample analysis yields Total Phosphorus Concentrations in µg/L. Values less than 10 µg/L are usually OK. Those between 10 and 20 indicate potential issues while those in excess of 20 normally indicate major problems. Results for Kamaniskeg and Blackfish Bay as well as Golden Lake (for comparison) are depicted below for recent years:

Another measure of lake water quality is the amount of turbidity or lack of water clarity. This is evaluated through a Secchi Depth Measurement. Results for recent years are shown below and include 2015 results from Nancy Bresolin for Blackfish Bay and unofficial 2016 results from George Zurakowski for Kamaniskeg’s North Basin:

In general, Kamaniskeg compares favourably with lakes in the area.

Submitted by : George Zurakowski

Cross Country (Nordic) Skiing in the Valley

The end of summer is always sad, but it needn’t mean good-bye to the cottage. Many summer residents also enjoy winter scenery and activities. A great draw for off-season visits is cross-country skiing. Unless you maintain your own trails, the best place to do it is at the Opeongo Hills Nordic Ski Club. This winter will be the fifth season of operation for the club, a local non-profit organization that offers groomed cross-country (also called “nordic”) ski trails and activities in a spectacular setting just off the Opeongo Road not far from Wilno or Killaloe.

The trails are designed for skiers of all levels, so beginners can feel confident about the terrain while experienced skiers enjoy the more challenging hilly runs, all marked on the route maps. Several trails are also groomed for skate-skiing. The spectacular scenery takes in many distant hills, three lakes, and several ponds, marshes and creeks. The higher altitude of the site keeps the snow on the ground late into the spring for diehard skiers, after the snow has all but disappeared in Barry’s Bay.

The club is run entirely by local volunteers who maintain, groom and track-set the trails for use from December to mid-April. Ski classes and children’s programs are also offered. This winter the third annual loppet at the end of January will draw many visitors from other ski clubs in eastern Ontario and beyond.

Membership sign-up is available on-line, day-pass booklets can be bought locally, or a day-use fee can be left in the pay-box on the honour system. Members and non-members must all sign in and out at the trailhead in the parking area, for security and insurance purposes. All fees go toward maintaining or improving the club.

A map and all the details are at opeongonordic.com.


1. The Municipal Council of Hastings Highlands is looking at the possibility of re-instating roadside garbage pickup. Watch out for a KAPOA bulletin or bulletins with more information. You can also check out HH’s web site.

2. Hastings Highlands is looking into switching from a “ward” system to an “at-large” system for Councillor representation on Council. The Board of Directors is opposed to such a change. A meeting will be held at the Municipal offices on Nov. 23. Watch for bulletins keeping you up to date on this issue.

3. Crimes that involve break-ins and personal property theft continue to rise in Canada. To help homeowners fight back, the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (“OACP”) has endorsed an exciting new tool to aid in theft prevention, the recovery of stolen goods and criminal convictions. Using microdot technology the TRACE™ pen facilitates the marking and locating of personal assets. Each TRACE™ pen has a unique identification number allowing homeowners to mark and register their valuables online in a secure centralized database so, if lost or stolen, police can return them to you. Contact Tom Pate: tpate@traceidentified.com

The Municipality of Hastings Highlands, in partnership with Bancroft Community Transit (BCT) is now providing weekly transportation services for municipal residents. Pick up Location: TUESDAYS at Hastings Highlands Centre 33011 Highway 62 in Maynooth. Time: 8:30 a.m. Fare: $5.00 round trip Arrival: in Bancroft at 9:00 a.m. Pick Up: in Bancroft at 12:00 p.m. Return: to Hastings Highlands Centre in Maynooth at 12:30 p.m. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CALL: The Municipality of Hastings Highlands: 613 338-2811 ext. 200 or Bancroft Community Transit: 613 332-2732 or 1-800-338-2818.
*Open to all residents of The Municipality of Hastings Highlands, those under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult and must not require the use of a car seat.

5. Two plates like this, well almost, were obtained by their owners, within a couple of months of each other. Even more coincidently, their cottages are four doors apart on Kamaniskeg Lake, between Hinterland Beach and Sand Bay. In addition to obviously being enthusiastic about their lake and proud to state the fact, they both donated to the hospital via their Poker Run participation. No names but you can check them out yourself when you see them in town. Thanks for promoting our favorite lake.
See “Now, That’s Commitment” further on.

Dave Wilson


The Ward System

If anyone was curious why the Ward system isn’t working, the council meeting on Oct 5th was a good example. Bob Millar from Hastings Highlands, Bangor, Wicklow and McClure ward, was on hand to ask Council to consider forming a policy for Private Road Grants. There are many roads that are not maintained by the municipality and the residents are paying premium dollars in taxes. Madawaska Valley appears to be more concerned about the people in their jurisdiction as they have a Private Roads Grant Policy. Some of the roads would get anywhere from $500.00 to $ 1000.00 and help the residents maintain their roads. Councillor Matheson asked how many roads would qualify for the grants; staff responded “80 roads”. That’s amazing that staff would have that knowledge at their finger tips, and one has to wonder whether that number is inflated similar to the numbers in our recent municipal budget.

The clincher here is that Gregg Roberts, who does not represent Bangor, Wicklow and McClure, shot the idea down saying that, “it would be too cost –ineffective”. It appears that unless it’s a benefit for a council member who, by the way, think that their wage raises are, “mandated by the government” and that there are councils that receive 55 cents a kilometer to travel to work (!!!), then everything else is cost -ineffective.

Reasons to Keep the Ward System

(1) The Ward system does not need to be reviewed. It’s not the Ward system that’s not working; it’s the people that don’t want it to work by not working collectively for all of Hastings Highlands, (the famous clique).
(2 We will be in the same boat as Madawaska Valley, which eliminated the Ward system, thinking things would improve, and are working to restore the Ward system. We all know how easy it is to eliminate something and how difficult it is to restore it.
(3) There would be no guarantee of fair representation. As a matter of fact, all the councillors could be from the Maynooth or Lake Papineau area and remote areas would be worse off. With the Ward system we have someone that is accountable for our area.
(4) With the Ward system eliminated, we would be an easy target for amalgamation with Bancroft who would love our tax base, and most of your tax dollars would go to Maynooth and Bancroft. Don’t forget, Bancroft has offered amalgamation in the past.

Consider the track record of the present Council:
– Curbside Pickup issue that they are struggling with for almost 2 years to make a decision.
– Vegetative Buffer that they spent a year putting together plus lawyer fees that got shot down at a public meeting.
– Squandering $ 750,000 on a higher road tender against the recommendation of their consultant.
– Landfills are a mess and poorly run, making it hard for some of our seniors to dispose of their garbage.
– Struggling with repairing HWY 62 for two years and finally patching part of it.
– Presenting Tax Payers with a 4.8% tax increase while municipalities around us were working hard to cut costs and present a 0% tax increase.
– Most of the roads are a mess with no sign of being repaired in the near future.
– Allowing Administration costs to escalate to a million dollars, now at par with policing costs
Keeping this in mind, do you feel that Council will handle the Ward system responsibly and make a wise decision for the benefit of HH tax payers or do you feel it will be one more thing that’ll get screwed up?? Do you trust them?


Can anyone identify this paw print? This picture was taken on our property on the Madawaska, not far from Kamaniskeg Lake, and coming out of the water towards land. I don’t have an accurate scale of size, but estimate about 2 inches from top to bottom. Note the bird tracks at top of picture – a gull perhaps?


Spinach, Cranberry, Rice & Cashew Salad

Dressing (over night)
1/4 cup of olive oil
2 cloves of garlic – crushed
1/4 cup of soya sauce

2 1/2 cups of cooked rice
3 celery stalks – chopped
3 green onions – chopped
1/2 package of spinach
1 red pepper – chopped
1/2 cup dried cranberries
1/2 cup roasted salted cashews

Mix all except the cashews
Toss with dressing
Cashews on top and toss


submitted by : Sofie Tatarski


#1: Someone loved me and had me declawed, but now I’m a helpless female in the wilds of Kamaniskeg.

This cat showed up on Golfers Lane VERY hungry and quite emaciated. She is very friendly. She has been fed and is quickly recovering
P.S. We’ve (“the finders”) just confirmed that this cat has an embedded “computer” chip, which means that her owners care(d) about her. She is also neutered.
If you would like to be reunited with her for FREE, please see the contact information, below.

#2: This part-Persian showed up on Golfers Lane a year ago. If you would like to be reunited, contact
Janina & Rick Prociuk
rickjanpro@gmail.com or 613-756-6838


that by decision of the KAPOA Board of Directors we have terminated our relationship with FOCA.


Dear KAPOA member,

As the new editorial staff of the KAPOA NEWSLETTER we are turning to you, the membership, for input to the newsletter. If you have written an article that you’d like to submit, or if you have any ideas/comments regarding either the content or format of the Newsletter we encourage you to submit these to the newsletter staff. We can be reached at: ewsletter@kapoa.ca.

KAPOA Fall Newsletter 2016-11-14