About Us

Our Mission Statement:

KAPOA is a not for profit, volunteer based organization that represents the majority interests of property owners surrounding the Madawaska River waterway upstream and downstream from Kamaniskeg Lake.  In addition to reporting on a variety of monitoring programs and actively promoting water safety, KAPOA actively engages members in annual events and fundraisers which encourages a positive social network that benefits the area, its inhabitants and the natural environment.

KAPOA is limited liability association, that originated in 1971 with a regatta.  We cover an estimated  500 plus properties  surrounding  the Madawaska River from the Bark Lake Dam, feeding Kamaniskeg Lake and Barry’s Bay, to Blackfish Bay and Combermere, and from Nageek Lake to Palmer Rapids.

KAPOA monitors issues important to all members and stakeholders in our area and remains alert to new concerns.  Through this vigilance KAPOA communicates, on behalf of its member, any alarms to the municipalities of Madawaska Valley, Hastings Highlands and/or other authorities.

How do you benefit as a member?  Our dedicated volunteers monitor various special interest areas.   We issue a Spring and Fall Newsletter by email plus we send bulletins and alerts as are required to keep you informed. 

KAPOA is a strong voice for property owners in and around the Kamaniskeg area since 1971. Our Political Action Team attends Madawaska Valley and Hastings Highlands council meetings and keeps the membership informed of all important issues, as well as representing members concerns at council meetings.

Recent efforts include warnings of water levels rising in the Spring, submitting water samples from various places on the lake to the Dorset Environmental Science Centre, advising members of the Chippawa Shores Development Meeting and monitoring same, advising members of the breach at the Madawaska Valley Treatment Plant and monitoring same.   We continue to monitor cold water releases from the Bark Lake Dam, the Algonquin Land Claim and have requested to work together with our municipalities in regard to the vegetative buffer by-laws.

Your KAPOA membership will help keep you informed about issues important to you while adding to our influence to help solve our collective problems and promote our interests.  Member education regarding septic systems, well water testing, municipal tax issues and election information are other KAPOA benefits.