Environment Links

Real-Time and Historic Hydrometric Data Graph for MADAWASKA RIVER AT PALMER RAPIDS
Technical readings updated hourly and going back 88 years for Palmer Rapids Dam

OPG Madawaska River Status
OPG Madawaska River System clickable map

Invasive Species: A Threat to Ontario's Biodiversity
Learn more about invasive species and prevention strategies

Lake Partner Program
The Lake Partner Program is Ontario’s volunteer-based, water-quality monitoring program.

How Does Outdoor Lighting Cause Light Pollution?
Mismanaged lighting affects the environment, energy resources, wildlife, humans and astronomy research.

Anglers Atlas Maps and Data

Losing the Dark
A video about light pollution

Light Pollution and its Ecological Effects
How Light Pollution Affects Us, How Light Pollution Affects Other Species, What Can Be Done about Light Pollution?

Dark Sky Association
Light Pollution

Starlight Theatre
Lighting policy documents and information

OPG River System Data

The Canadian Lakes Loon Survey 1981 – 2012
32 years of monitoring Common Loons as indicators of ecosystem health

Atlas of Canada
Telling Canada's Story with Maps

Field Guide to Aquatic Invasive Species
Identification, collection and reporting of invasive species in Ontario waters

The Dock Primer
A Cottagers Guide to Waterfront Friendly Docks

The Shore Primer
A Cottagers Guide to a Healthy Waterfront

The Fish Habitat Primer
A Guide to Understanding Freshwater Fish Habitat in Ontario

Lakes of Canada
Encyclopedia of Earth

Watersheds Canada
Does Your Waterfront Property have a Natural Edge?

MNR Species at Risk

Ontario Stewardship
Program for the protection and restoration of Ontario's natural resources

Ontario Biodiversity Report
Ontario Biodiversity Council

Bear Wise
MNR resource with bear info to prevent human / bear interaction.