KAPOA Spring Newsletter 2019

Message From The President

Facing my third term as president of KAPOA gives me a chance to reflect on what KAPOA has achieved. The Poker Run is the largest fundraising success raising $14,000 last year for the St. Francis Health Care Foundation and the credit goes to Lynne McLean and the poker run committee who work so hard to support our hospital.

While other small communities are losing their hospital, we have to admit how fortunate we are to have St. Francis Hospital, which is appreciated by all but especially the aging population. We have to acknowledge the generosity and the spirit of the people of Barrys Bay and how we all pull together to support our hospital by donations that are used to update the hospital. It is unimaginable to visualize that hospital not being there and having to travel long distances for medical care. Please keep this in mind this July 27 and join the poker run by donating what ever you can afford to support our hospital. Every little bit helps $ 10.00-$ 20.00 or what ever you can afford. When a hospital is in the spot light for closure, it’s too late to start rallying and protesting in support, the time to do it is now.

KAPOA is giving back to the community by supporting with donations the local food bank, the MV Lions and the MV business community.

KAPOA does water quality testing on Kamaniskeg for water quality and invasive species. We treasure and enjoy this lake that ensures our property values and are deeply concerned about the untreated spills into Kamaniskeg from the waste water facility.
The Regatta is a very successful fun filled family day that is very well attended. Once again thanks to director Kerra Wyllie and Director Lynne McLean and their team of volunteers that work so hard so that others may enjoy this event.

KAPOA Activities Calendar 2019

Bay Days Saturday May 18, 2019 Barry’s Bay

AGM Saturday July 6, 2019 Senior Center Barry’s Bay

Poker Run Saturday July 27, 2019 Barry’s Bay docks

Regatta Saturday Aug 3, 2019 Hinterland Beach

Corn Roast Saturday Aug 31, 2019 Hinterland Beach


The newly elected Mayor and council appear to be moving forward without some of the major divisions and controversies we witnessed in the past. The measures of including public volunteers on the sub committees and allowing a pubic question period at each meeting have been discontinued. Hopefully these measures which were initiated due to major lapses of transparency and the misuse of closed sessions are no longer required. We look forward to a term where we see good demonstrations, common sense and accountability with our tax dollars.

It was very refreshing to see Barry Conway come forward with a volunteer heritage and culture group wishing to revitalize the use of the Railway Station. This group based in community involvement wishes to go forward progressively with self-funding and grant applications without demands on the public purse. The group calling themselves The Station Keepers were welcomed and supported in their initiatives by our current council. Asking for only $500.00 for insurance coverage this group plans to raise $50000.00 in grants and fund raising to increase the promotion of community events and initiatives.

As always the committee meetings and council meetings are open to the public. Our attendance at these meeting is the best way to encourage the people we voted in to serve our needs and expectations.


Mark your calendar on Sat Aug 3rd for the next annual KAPOA regatta!

The sailing race leaves the Hinterland beach at 11AM, and the swimming and canoeing races for all ages kick off at 1PM. Sand castle building runs all day, with everyone taking home a certificate for their category win. Hotdogs and drinks will be available until they run out at a steal of $1 each, and if you’re feeling lucky, the 50/50 draw is made in the late afternoon. The day wraps up just after 4pm, culminating with the youth and adult tug-of-war competitions. All competition participants receive a participation ribbon to remember the day.

Come on out and enjoy the fun, meet your neighbours, and support your local residents’ association. We’d love to have you join us!

Kerra Wylie & Lynne MacLean

Christmas in the Valley 2018

The Christmas parade in Barrys Bay was very well attended in December 2018. There were many colorful entries representing the various businesses and organizations in Madawaska Valley, and as they passed, they threw out candy to the excited children waiting on the sidelines. Even the weather was co-operating by giving us a sunny but cold day. You could feel the warmth of Christmas from the people around you, and hear the excited chatter of children, interrupted occasionally by a blast of an air horn or the wail of a siren, and it was a good feeling that Christmas was alive in the valley. This year’s parade had to be the
best as the bag pipe band put on a good show for the large number of spectators who came out to join the festivities and watch the a large number of entries.

How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell


The MNRF has posted a proposal on the Environmental Registry (ER) to establish a hunting season for double-crested cormorants in Ontario.

Specifically, the Ministry is proposing to create a hunting season for double-crested cormorants in response to concerns that they have been detrimental to fish stocks and natural habitats. The proposed approach would allow persons who hold a small game licence to hunt these birds, and the rules would generally be consistent with regulations related to migratory birds. If a hunting season is created, MNRF will implement a monitoring program to further assess the status of double-crested cormorants in Ontario.

Fun things to do this summer

1. Set up a fire pit
“Where friends and marshmallows get toasted at the same time”.

2. Go on a canoe trip
Get paddling on a new nearby lake or pack a lunch and explore your own lake.

3. Set up a tent in the yard
It’s like cottaging and camping in one. Kids can spend the day excitedly setting up their tent with sleeping bags, flashlights, books and snacks.

4. Use the BBQ for every meal for one weekend
For one whole weekend try making breakfast, lunch and dinner on the BBQ.

5. Set up a hammock
A hammock is the perfect place to read a book or unintentionally fall asleep to the sound of the leaves rustling in the summer wind.

6. Build something out of a fallen tree
Create a rustic campfire bench from a larger tree or thinly slice up a smaller tree to make custom coasters.

7. Go on a hike
Grab a map, bug spray, bottle of water and explore a nearby trail or forested area close to the cottage.

8. Build a bird house
Using scrap wood or sticks create a small DIY bird feeder with seed to attract local birds—make a chart to count how many different bird species flock to your birdhouse.

9. Stargaze
Without city lights to pollute the sky, one of my favourite cottage activities is stargazing. Discover what stars, satellites and constellations you are seeing with an app like Star Walk

10. Learn a new card game
Since summer cannot be hot and sunny all the time (sadly), you can still have fun indoors when it rains. Card games are always a fan-favourite, so this year why not try one you haven’t before or invent your own.

11. Feed a chipmunk ( or duck, deer, skunk, rabbit, )
. A relaxing and entertaining thing to do with the kids or on your own.


It is estimated there are approx. 1 million septic systems in the province. Fewer than 30% are serviced by onsite professionals. The discharge is estimated to be billions of litres per year into the environment.

A septic system treats your waste water and sewage, if you are not on a municipal water system. Your household drains connect to a septic tank and a leaching bed. Both are buried beside your home or cottage. The leaching bed is made up of pipes with holes, buried in gravel and surrounded by natural or imported soil.

FOCA ( Federation of Ontario Cottagers Association) encourages all landowners to look after your septic system, to protect your waterfront investment, and as a matter of good environmental stewardship. WHY? Proper maintenance can help to avoid potentially serious impacts.

For more information, check out: FOCA Septic Systems

KAPOA Shield

This is a photo of the original KAPOA shield. The association has been existing for about 35 years. Anyone with knowledge of the history of our organization or has interesting stories to share call Ed Kobylka.


Join us on Saturday, July 27, 2019, for our 7th Annual Poker Run and help support the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation. Include your family, friends and neighbours and have a great day spent on the water, including prizes and a barbeque.
We are so privileged to have this fantastic hospital and foundation in our midst here in the valley and community support is imperative. Help us to keep our hospital up to date with the most current technology, so important for us and our future generations.

On July 27th, from 9:00-9:30 a.m. boaters meet at the Barry’s Bay docks to pick up their registration packages. Proceed to 7 dock destinations to collect 7 cards to make up your best 5 card poker hand. Afterwards, meet for a barbeque where prizes will be distributed for the 5 best poker hands submitted.

If you don’t have a boat or can’t be present, no problem! You can enter a ‘virtual’ boat where the Poker Run committee will draw your seven cards making you eligible for prizes. If you are in town, you can still attend the barbeque.

Boaters register at www.kapoa.ca. Click on “Community” and then “Poker Run” and you will see a fillable registration form that you can complete and mail. You can also call Lynne MacLean at 905-802-6327 to make arrangements for pick up or drop off of your registration.


A working sump pump is essential during times of flooding. Check your pump regularly during the year and especially before the spring runoff.

A battery back up system is a good idea should there be an electrical outage.

The sump is doing it’s job. Saving the basement.

A few of us have had to resort to sandbagging to protect our properties. The township of Madawaska Valley assisted the home owners by supplying sand and sandbags. Their response was quick and well organized.

A flooded boathouse.

Check your insurance policy to see if you’re covered.

KAPOA Annual General Meeting

The 2019 KAPOA annual general meeting:

Saturday July 6, 2019
Doors open at 9:00 ( Meet and Greet Come out early and enjoy a coffee and donuts)

Meeting starts at 9:30
Opeongo Senior Centre
19 Stafford Street

*This Meeting is an annual meeting for members and potential members. It is not open to the general public.


KAPOA will be kickstarting their membership drive on Bay Day. This will be a perfect opportunity to renew your membership, and if you are not a member a great time to consider joining this wonderful organization. If you appreciate what KAPOA does, then please consider being a volunteer for the organization. Our present team of volunteers isn’t getting younger and over whelmed with keeping the organization alive.

What does KAPOA do? We monitor the health of Kamaniskeg lake by doing water quality testing annually. We monitor local incidents and issues that effect property owners on the lake. KAPOA gives back to the community, by fund raising annually for St. Francis Memorial Hospital, as we recognize the importance of having a hospital in a small community like ours. KAPOA supports the local food bank and recognizes the important work that the Lions do and supports them with a donation.

KAPOA provides a wonderful family day with the regatta, where adults and children can experience a fun day for all.

But all these things require investment of time and energy and our volunteers are few and limited in numbers.

An extra pair of hands would go a long way in keeping KAPOA alive and ensuring that these events will be here to enjoy for many more years.

Welcome to the Kamaniskeg Area Property Owners Association (KAPOA)

Our Mission Statement:
KAPOA is a volunteer based organization that represents the majority interests of property owners surrounding the Madawaska River waterway upstream and downstream from Kamaniskeg Lake.

In addition to reporting on a variety of monitoring programs and actively promoting water safety, KAPOA actively engages members in annual events and a fundraiser which encourages a positive social network that benefits the area, its inhabitants and the natural environment.

KAPOA is a not for profit, limited liability association that originated in 1971 with a regatta. We cover an area of an estimated 500 plus properties in the area surrounding the Madawaska River from the Bark Lake Dam, feeding Kamaniskeg Lake and Barry’s Bay, Blackfish Bay, Combermere, Nageek Lake and Palmer Rapids.

KAPOA monitors issues important to all members and stakeholders in our area and remains alert to new concerns. Through this vigilance KAPOA communicates, on behalf of its members, any alarms to the municipalities of Madawaska Valley, and/or Hastings Highlands and/or other authorities.

Your annual $20.00 membership fee has avoided any inflation, unlike our property taxes which are a major significant concern to all property owners.

How do you benefit as a member? Our dedicated volunteers monitor various special interest areas listed in the chart below. We issue a Spring and Fall Newsletter by email plus we send bulletins and/or alerts as are occasionally required to keep you informed.

Recent efforts include warnings of water levels rising in the Spring, submitting water samples from various places on the lake to the Dorset Environmental Science Centre, advising members of the Chippewa Shores Development Meeting and monitoring same, and advising members of the breach at the Madawaska Valley Treatment Plant and monitoring same. We continue to monitor cold water releases from the Bark Lake Dam, the Algonquin Land Claim and hope have requested to work together with our municipalities with in regard to the vegetative buffer by-laws.

Your KAPOA membership will help keep you informed about issues important to you while adding to our influence to help solve our common collective problems and promote our collective interests. Member education regarding septic systems, well water testing, municipal tax issues and election information are other KAPOA benefits.


If you think the same hummingbirds come to your feeders and flowers every year, you might be right! Banding research shows they are likely to return to the area where they hatched.

Read 13 jaw-dropping facts about hummingbirds

KAPOA Spring Newsletter 2019