KAPOA Fall Newsletter 2018


Another year has come to an end, and it has been a busy one for KAPOA.

First, I want to thank all the volunteers that have worked so hard to make KAPOA what it is today, and our KAPOA functions so successful. A special thanks to Lynne and Duncan Maclean who put so much of themselves into the organization and are always there to help at every event as well as all the volunteers.

A big thank you to John Salt who has been putting our newsletters together and did a marvelous job over the past years. John has had some health issues and Leonard Furtado has volunteered to step in temporarily and work on our newsletter until John gets back on his feet. Thank you John, all the best to you.

It is with great sadness that we have lost our vice president Bob Millar. Bob was a key player in KAPOA as he was a great organizer as well as a dear friend to many of us. Bob passed away in May 2018 and has left us with some big shoes to fill. Celebration of Life donations were received in Bob’s memory from those that attended. We have decided to use the funds to purchase a beautiful log bench that will be placed outside the gazebo at St. Francis Memorial Hospital for all to see and use in his honour.

There has been much concern over the Chippawa development that is in progress and will continue before there is any conclusion. Many concerns were raised at the public meeting held on October 22 at the Combermere Hall which was well attended. KAPOA had filed a right to appeal at the public meeting so that we can have a voice as more information is available.

KAPOA has removed the lake appetizer party as one of it’s events due to the fact that there were no volunteers stepping forward to host the event. Lake appetizer parties can still be held by individuals who will host the event.

To all the members that paid their membership by e-transfer, thank you for taking a big load off of the volunteers. I encourage all members to use this convenient method of updating your membership. We still accept payments by mail or at any of our functions.

Box 297
Barry’s Bay, Ontario
K0J 1B0

We are looking forward to a successful 2019 and I hope to see you at any one of KAPOA”s events.

Ed Kobylka

Poker Run 2018

What a day we for Poker Run 2018. We had 25 actual boats take part this year and we surpassed our target of $12,000.00, raising a total of $14,200.00 for the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation. Our $14,200.00 will enable the hospital to purchase three new enhancement units to the cardiac equipment in the Emergency Room. Thanks to all our participants and to all those who made donations, your support and generosity is second to none. What a great accomplishment for the relatively small group of folks that support this event and step up to support this jewel in our community.

Thanks to our Poker Run committee, Ed Ragan, David Wilson, Vince Steepe, Jeneene Bruntin, Ed & Colleen Kobylka, Virginia Lyon, Wendy McCourt, Susan Lynch, Chris Chaplin, Virginia Lyon, Theresa Chapeskie, Joanne Wilson, Toni Lavigne-Conway and Michel Lavigne of The Valley Gazette for all our printing and advertising. It takes a lot of people, who volunteer their precious summer time, in order to organize an event such as this. Their unselfish acts help support everyone in our community who have or will use St. Francis Memorial Hospital.

Thanks to our prize sponsors, Ralph Emmerson Hats, The Ashgrove Inn, Grumblin’ Granny’s, Home Hardware, Homestead at Wolf Ridge Golf Course, Kam-Keg Marine, Lorraine’s Pharmasave, MAD Outdoors, METRO Barry’s Bay, Spectacle Lake Lodge and to David Wilson for making the arrangements and compiling our BOGO prize packages.

Thanks to those who volunteered their docks and manned them so well. To The Ashgrove Inn and Wendell Henry, the Pyz Family, the Millar Family, Sharon Mahussier, the Enright Family, the Wilson Family and the Feaver/Henson Family, your support and enthusiasm is truly appreciated.

The 1st prize poker hand was won by Janet and Brad Foster with a Full House 8’s over 5’s, 2nd prize hand went to Judith & Fraser Hanlan with a Full House 4’s over J’s, 3rd prize went to Warren Hurren with a Flush , 4th prize went to Bill & Vicky Wainright with a Flush , 5th prize went to Tim Sarna with a Flush. The 50/50 draw winner was Jeneene Bruntin. Thanks again, one and all, for making our Poker Run 2018 such a great success.

As Chairperson of this event I would be remiss if I did not mention the loss we all feel with the passing of Bob Millar. Bob was instrumental, along with David Wilson, in the creation of the Poker Run event. He was a great promoter and canvasser and I am finding it difficult to even attempt to fill his shoes. He will be sorely missed. I am proud to announce that we will continue his legacy by renaming this event “The Bob Millar Memorial Poker Run” in 2019.

Lynne MacLean
Chair, Poker Run 2018

Summer Regatta 2018

Another successful regatta was held on Sat Aug 4, 2018! This year’s weather was fitting of a beach day, and drew a crowd into the water to swim, canoe, cheer and compete in the tug-of-war. If hot dog and drink sales are an indication, we easily surpassed attendance of recent years’ regattas.

This year we had 11 castles for judging, more noodle races than ever before and lots of canoe tips, crashes and laughs. Congratulations to returning swim trophy winners Alaina Ralph and Ian Cox who took home the women’s and men’s swim trophies respectively, and to first time winners Aleks Pyz and Tyler Young for the Best All Around Competitor Trophy this year.

Despite a lack of wind close to the beach, our sailing competitors made it out and back to the beach without incident this year. After performance handicap adjustment, Dave & Nancy Minty took home the sailing trophy ahead of the Craig and Wilson boats.

As is tradition, the day finished with the always anticipated tug-of-war competition. 2 separate junior pulls were conducted to ensure that everyone enjoyed some fun and fair competition. The senior division came down to a “grudge” match between the Brock Millar team and the Lagerquist/Pyz family, with the Millar team prevailing.

I want to again acknowledge the tremendous efforts of the volunteers – both from KAPOA and those who jump in and help at the beach – we can’t pull this off without every one of you and your vast quantities of energy and enthusiasm. We are also very appreciative of our donors: Cathy Pitts RE/MAX Country Classics, Yuills Value-Mart (hot dog donations with support of the Pyz family) and Sand Bay Camp. In addition to food, beverage and 50/50 tickets sales, regatta donations help to cover a variety of costs that include trophy plates, medallions, ribbons, hot dog condiments, drinks and ice, dock repairs and signage around the lake.

It won’t be long before another regatta is upon us – see you at Hinterland Beach in summer 2019!

Kerra Wylie (Regatta Director)

Treasurers Report

Our membership is down slightly from 2017. Part of the reason for this drop was the loss of Bob Millar, who worked tirelessly in this area. However much of the slack was picked by another board member. Bob was missed and will be missed.

We will continue with the past year’s donation policy of $ 200.00 each to the Barry’s Bay Lions Club Santa Clause Parade and the Barry’s Bay Food Bank.

Funds collected at the Celebration of Life in honour of Bob Millar have been directed to the purchase and installation of a memorial bench near the gazebo at St. Francis Memorial Hospital. Further consideration of a large stone at the Killaloe golf course ( Homestead At Wolf Ridge ) is in the works.

Vince Steepe (Treasurer)



Saturday June 9, 6:58 P.M

We were travelling along Siberia Road on the way to a party when we spotted an injured painted turtle. What do we do about this? We couldn’t just leave it on the road to die. The turtle was placed in a cardboard box and we called the hostess of the party ( Caroline Mallany) to tell her that we were bringing a guest.

On arrival we were informed by our hostess that she had called the turtle sanctuary in Peterborough, Ontario to get information on how to handle this situation.

We put the turtle into a cool, dark and quiet room. This helped reduce the stress from the prior traumatic event. The party continued and at the end of the evening we took our turtle home.

Sunday June 10, 2018

We found out there was a volunteer returning injured turtles to the wild nearby. We went to meet her in Bancroft and gave her our turtle so that she could take it to the sanctuary in Peterborough.

Monday August 30

We received a call from the turtle sanctuary. Our turtle was healing well and was now able to return to her area. Turtles should be put back in the area they are found according to provincial regulations and it will help their chances of survival.

We picked up our turtle when we were in the area and brought her home. It turns out she was pregnant and had delivered her babies while in the sanctuary. A total of 7 eggs were harvested. They will be released into the wild next spring. Look at how well she recovered in the photo on the left.

We brought our turtle back to the area we found her. She was released into the marsh with a feeling of joy knowing that we had helped her survive.

Robin Lowry and Leonard Furtado

Here are a some facts to consider:

Southern Ontario has the highest density and largest species variety in the country. Unfortunately Southern Ontario also has the highest density of roads. This means that Ontario turtles are at a greater risk for injury or death. In fact it is only second to habitat loss as the cause for their population declines.

Check out http://ontarioturtle.ca for more interesting facts and ways that you can help this important charitable organization

Have you ever wondered where your loon goes during the winter?

Do you enjoy watching the birds at your birdfeeder?

Check out http://birdscanada.org

There is a moose on the Loose!!

These pictures were recently taken by Ed Kobylka at his home.
They are a good reminder to be alert for deer and moose on our roads.


For more information about Radon go to https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/environmental-workplace-health/reports-publications/radiation/radon-your-home-health-canada-2009.html

Friday November 30, 2018

The KAPOA directors met at St. Francis Memorial Hospital to install the engraved plate on to the Bob Millar Memorial Bench

Board of Directors

Back Row L-R Ed Kobylka, Andy Boyd, Vince Steepe
Front Row L-R Lynne MacLean, Jeneene Brunton

Bob Millar Memorial Plaque

Bob Millar

Vice president of KAPOA, director of membership, social convener and dear friend to so many. Bob loved Kaminiskeg Lake and worked hard to protect the natural beauty and the health of the lake. He also worked diligently in attracting new members to KAPOA. In the winter a regular activity was to meet somewhere for fish and chips organized weekly by Bob. Many remember Bob because he taught them to water ski or wake board on Kaminiskeg lake. Always upbeat and enjoying life on the lake each day.

He was also involved in local politics and attended many council meetings both in hastings highlands and madawaska valley. Many people today know each other because of Bob.

On May 14, 2018, Bob passed away leaving behind loving family, heart broken friends and immense shoes to fill for KAPOA. At the celebration of life there were at least 300 people that came. The money that was donated at Bob’s celebration of life was used by KAPOA to purchase a beautiful log bench in his memory and placed at the gazebo at St. Francis Memorial Hospital for all to use and remember.


Hi, my name is Jeneene Brunton. I have been involved with KAPOA membership for the last six years. I live on the lake and being a part of KAPOA has given me the opportunity to get to know all the wonderful people that have chosen Kaminiskeg lake as their place to live or cottage.

We have lost our dear friend Bob Millar. Bob had been the head of membership and vice president of KAPOA for many years. He loved KAPOA and believed in the cause which is the care of Kaminiskeg lake, our little piece of paradise. Bob felt that we were one big family and he wanted everyone included with KAPOA. We would like to keep that tradition as we go on without him.

By being a KAPOA member, you will be kept informed about important issues in our area. Newsletters, bulletins and alerts will be sent to you by email. There are over 500 residences located around Kaminiskeg lake. This makes door to door visits difficult and time consuming.

Annual membership dues are $20.00
There are 3 methods of payment:

1. e-transfer at pay.kapoa@gmail.com

2. Canada post at:
Box 297
Barry’s Bay, Ontario
K0J 1B0

3. Join us at one of our events: Bay day, Annual general meeting, Poker run, and Regatta.

Please include the owner’s name, 911 address, email address and phone number when registering as this will help us keep your information up to date.

If you would feel more comfortable having someone from KAPOA come to you, please email me and I can arrange a visit. In an attempt for us to be more efficient, we ask that you pay early. If it is more convenient, we can accept payment for multiple years. Many of our members pay for 5 years at a time.

Let’s have another great year.

Jeneene Brunton ( Director of Membership)
jeneene b@hotmail.com


3.5 Tbs butter
1 Tbs olive oil
8 to 10 Cups / 2 1/2 lbs to 3 lbs onions. Very thin slices. If you want lots of onions increase amount by 1-2 cups.
1/2 to 3/4 tsp sugar and 1/2 to 3/4 tsp salt for browning the onions
2Tbs of flour OR 1 Tbs corn starch
5 cups of homemade beef stock (or if you are busy ice fishing, snow shoeing or x country skiing, use store bought.
If you want gluten free check container label on front. There are a few out there.)
4 to 5 Tbs of Brandy and 3/4 to 1 cup of Vermouth.

*browning sliced onions. – 4 quart saucepan at moderate heat, melt butter and add oil; stir in onions. Cover. Cook until translucent, then blend in sugar and salt, increase heat. Keep stirring until nice and brown.
*sprinkle onions with flour or corn starch. Mix well. Increase heat a bit. Once blended well…
*whisk in 2 1/2 cups of hot stock. When blended well, increase heat and add rest of stock, brandy and vermouth.
*cover loosely, simmer for 2 hrs. Slow simmer is the key.

Serve soup as is, be sure to have some Crispy French stick, and /or croutons; and a mixture grated Parmesan and Swiss cheese.

This onion soup creation can be made ahead of time and refrigerated for next day use OR freeze for next weeks guests.



After a four- year term our October election has brought some change to our council table and our thanks are owed to the departing members Shelley Maika and Elser Archer for their service. Mark Wilmer who had 20 years of experience on Arnprior council and worked for the city of Ottawa and Dave Shulist who served one term as our past mayor replace them. Kim Love retained her seat as Mayor, with Ernie Peplinski and Karl Bromwich who were reelected as councilors. Going forward I am pleased to see Mayor Love now promising to prioritize focus on infrastructure and cost accountability. This approach historically has been Councilor Peplinski’s and I am sure we can count on his constant efforts as well. Mark Wilmers extensive council experience will be a strong resource towards a good council team this coming term. Hopefully Councilor Bromwich’s focus on the railway station and promoting tourism will be assisted by Dave Shulist promises to promote volunteerism in these areas and take the weight off the public purse. Let’s hope that going forward as rural taxpayers who are carrying the major contribution to the tax levy that we see restraint in our taxation. At a recent council meeting the Integrity Commissioner reported the results of his investigations into complaints filed by unnamed parties against two of our councilors. He found no fault on the part Ernie Peplinski or Shelley Maika exonerating them in any fault under the code of conduct. He reported his bill alone for this investigation was approximately $40,000.00. The total costs reported by council appear to be $60,000.00 to $100,000.00 for complaints filed by these unnamed parties.

Andy Boyd (Vice President)


Bay Day Saturday, May 18, 2019 Barry’s Bay

AGM Saturday, July 06, 2019 Senior Centre Barry’s Bay

Poker Run Saturday, July 27, 2019 Barry’s Bay Docks

Regatta Saturday, August 03, 2019 Hinterland Beach

Corn Roast Saturday, August 31, 2019 Hinterland Beach


KAPOA is a not for profit, volunteer-based organization that represents the majority interests of property owners surrounding the Madawaska river waterway upstream and downstream from Kamaniskeg lake. In addition to reporting on a variety of monitoring programs and actively promoting water safety, KAPOA actively engages members in annual events and fundraisers which encourages a positive social network that benefits the area, it’s inhabitants, and the natural environment.

KAPOA Fall Newsletter 2018