KAPOA Spring Newsletter 2017

From The President

A lot of exciting things have been happening for KAPOA in the past year. First of all, KAPOA membership has climbed to over 300! We’ve also had a good response from our members who have sent in their 2017 membership dues. It’s important and most appreciated that you all help us be more efficient and save our volunteers a lot of time running around, door-to-door and often having to make a return trip (or more). As our membership grows, that task will become even more onerous , and we all know that good volunteers don’t grow on trees, so let’s not discourage/scare off the excellent and dedicated ones that we’re so fortunate to have.

It’s easy to be part of the solution; just send in your annual 2017 dues ($20) to:
KAPOA, Box 297, Barry’s Bay ON K0J 1B0 ……… If you’ve already done so, Thanks!

Early in 2017, KAPOA sent out a survey to our membership, enquiring whether a petition followed by action to amalgamate with Barry’s Bay would be supported, before we actually got involved with the time-consuming process. The response to the survey was an overwhelming 97% in favour of attempting to amalgamate with Barry’s Bay or Madawaska Valley. The majority cited high taxes and a lack of services as the main reason for supporting amalgamation. KAPOA now has to further investigate the impact of such an amalgamation on “our” taxpayers. Keep in mind that the entire process will take a year or more from start to finish. KAPOA will be providing information to you by means of Bulletins or Public Meetings, as it’s available.

KAPOA volunteers also monitor the health of Kamaniskeg Lake by monitoring the water quality and clarity and by monitoring for blue algae. It’s most important that we respect the lake that offers us so much enjoyment and activities that are reflected in our property values.

It’s been brought to my attention, that there are people on the lake who are still use soap and shampoo in the water. The ingredients in most soaps and shampoos are detrimental to the health of the lake. The solution is simple: use soap and shampoo in your own residences, where the septic system is designed to protect your (and everyones’) environment, so please speak up when you observe such unacceptable behaviour.

At Christmas 2016, KAPOA donated $200 to the local Food Bank, to help feed feed the hungry. No one should have to do without food at any time, but especially at Christmas!

KAPOA contributed another $200 the Lions Club. The “Lions” do a lot of good things in the area and we hope that you, too, feel good about supporting them.

Our Association is eagerly definitely looking forward to another active and fun-filled year with new goals, challenges and successes. Thank you -especially to all our volunteers doing such amazing work for KAPOA!

You’re the people that make KAPOA great!

Ed Kobylka
President, KAPOA

VP’s Message

In 1969 River Road did not go to Barry’s Bay and the first members of KAPOA paid 10 dollars as their membership fee ( I wish our taxes had only doubled) and with a membership of 20 to 30 families. Back then Pattison, Haskins, Dunford and Bailey were some of the first family members, and rotated responsibility as presidents and general organizers. In September we lost Mr. Jim Haskins who was a member for 48 years. Now our membership is 300 plus. It’s interesting to note the rise in numbers as issues arise. Our latest issue is looking into the feasibility of amalgamating KAPOA properties with Madawaska Valley. Also, back in those early days KAPOA had one event and now we have six, with the regatta still being held on Hinterland Beach. Aug. 5 is this year’s date for the regatta.

Membership in KAPOA ensures you are informed on what’s up on Kamaniskeg so please take a minute and sent your twenty dollars to KAPOA, Box 297, Barry’s Bay ON K0J 1B0. Make sure your cottage address, e-mail address and your contact phone number are attached.

May 20, Bay Day, we will be set up 10am to 3pm in front of Cat Nap & Lazy Dog Pet Outfitters. Drop by and pick up your 2017 map and list of events, your 911 sticker and receipt. It’s also farmers market day and a chance to celebrate “summer commin”.

Contact Bob Millar anytime 613 756-1829 LETS HAVE A GREAT SUMMER


I admit I was both shocked and disappointed when this year’s three day budget workshop started off with submissions from staff and committees that added up to a proposed 21.69% tax increase! As a member of a highly overtaxed and under serviced waterfront community, I had to ask myself if I had voted for the wrong people, or are they just picking and eating the wrong mushrooms?

In fairness to staff and the committee submissions the approach of starting with a “Total Best Wish List” and then spending three days and much argument to get it back to a manageable reality must be totally frustrating. This approach really comes down to an issue of leadership and empowerment in an overall process. In future leadership direction to addressing realist goals would surely bring in proposals that are more sensitive to the needs, and wallets, of the tax paying public.

At Tuesday’s council meeting we ended up at a total budget increase to the tax levy of .99% a far cry where we started at 21.69%. Looking at the 2017 budget we have the following breakdown:

General Administration $933,680.00 Protection Services $1,535,572.00
Transportation Services $2,638,323.00 Property Expense $161,000.00
Waste Disposal Services $662,069.00 Social & Library $145,998.00
Planning & Development $224,480.00 Parks & Recreation $965,753.00

Councilor Peplinskie brought forward arguments that operating a budget process that left the main infrastructure costs, including roads and waste management to a last consideration was something that needed to be changed. The Mayor and Councilor Bromwich took a strong view of the opposite that budgets dealing with Recreation, Culture and improvements to the Town of Barry Bay should take priority in the process. In the end in a recorded vote Councilor Peplinskie was strongly supported by Councilor Maika, who also believed that infrastructure demands should be dealt with first, the vote was won in the end with Councilor Archer’s support for Councilor Peplinskie’s recommended change in budgeting priorities.

Hopefully this process has not dampened the growing interest of members of Hastings Highlands who are perusing the possibility of realigning the amalgamation of the other side of Kamaniskeg Lake to join Madawaska Valley Township. They like us are looking for fair taxation that provides reasonable services.

Andy Boyd
KAPOA Blackfish Bay


Old man winter was back in the valley, with winter boots and parka. If you like winter you’re smiling, especially the plow guys – 6 plows by Christmas and another 6 by the end of February. By then we had 80 inches of snow, and combined with two big thaws, we had layers of solid ice. We had a couple of real cold days where the temperature dropped to – 30, but the rest of the winter days averaged -10 to -20 with only problem being that there wasn’t any sun. If you own a snow machine you got your moneys’ worth; our trails were the best in Ontario. Family Day weekend saw every motel, hotel, B&B and tent rented (happy business owners). The wolves and deer took turns playing catch up and getaway, no shortage of either this winter. We breezed through March till the 29th then another 8 in. of light snow. Old man winter surprised us on April 6 with another 8 inches of heavy wet snow. On April 7th people were waking to the sound of crashing trees toppled by the heavy snow. Roads were closed and we had our first power outage of the Year which lasted 40 hours. If you had a plastic car shelter good luck!

If you believe the weather man, we are in for a hot summer, but looking at Kam it’s a distant hope. It better come quick I’M OUT OF WOOD!

Bob Millar

Regatta August 5, 2017

As warmer weather rapidly approaches, we can’t help thinking about summer at Kamaniskeg Lake.

Of course, no summer is complete without the KAPOA regatta! This summer marks 46 years since the first names recorded on the swimming, sailing and all around competitor trophies, so it’s a time honoured tradition that is not to be missed. Bring your sailboat, sun shelter, canoe, swim noodles and competitors young and old, and plan to join us on Saturday August 5. Sailing starts promptly at 11am, and the swimming and canoeing competitions kick off at 1pm for all ages. BBQ hotdogs and drinks will again be $1 (what a deal!), and laughs are always free. Sand castles are judged at 3pm and every castle wins a category. The day will finish with tug-of- war, the ultimate showdown of strategy versus strength. Team sign up is throughout the day, and everyone gets on a team. Ribbons abound throughout the day, no one goes home without one.

So please plan to join us on the August Civic holiday weekend – whether you’re new to the regatta or a returning participant, we want to see you. It’s not the same otherwise.

Kerra Wylie


The KAPOA corn roast at Hinterland Beach, last September 3, was again a huge, well-attended success! The delicious corn is a special project of Bob Millar, who drives to a secret place in Peterborough for it. Obviously, it was worth the time and effort, as the corn was so delicious that everyone pigged-out on it (pardon the expression). There was no shortage of helping hands for corn-husking and setting-up the BBQs for roasting it, and there was an air of excited anticipation; if you weren’t there, you really don’t know what you missed.

As the sun sank in the sky, more boats gathered at Hinterland Beach to participate in the Lighted Boat Parade, joining those that had arrived for the earlier corn roast. Lots of imagination went into the original and impressive boat decors. This fleet of eighteen vessels made a very colourful –and often spectacular parade of lights on the water, as its wove its way from Hinterland Beach toward Sand Bay, then looped around Parcher and Mayflower Islands, and back. As the boats circled the two islands and approached the “cut-off” to the northern extension of Kamaniskeg, several boats broke away from the main fleet, cruising north to entertain those spectators/landlubbers who might’ve ventured out onto their docks with hopes of catching a glimpse of the Parade.

Once again, the on-shore spectators weren’t disappointed, as they clapped and whistled their approval and encouragement as the boats cruised by. It truly was a glorious way to wrap-up another beautiful summer of fun and activities!

Hopefully, the Henson Lighted Boat Parade, on 2 September 2017, will be even better.

As we’re celebrating our 150th anniversary of Confederation, we’ll borrow a slogan from 1967, our Centennial year: Be there, or be square!


Cold Barszcz/ (Borscht) — A Refreshing Cold beet soup from Janina Prociuk


– 1 tub (approx 750 g.) PLAIN (unflavoured) Yogourt yogourt . I use Astro- brand full fat 6% yogourt OR Plain Greek yogourt 0%fat, which is thicker than other brands’ O% yogurts)
– 1 Liter buttermilk
– 1 or 2 cans of beets with juices (either whole or sliced)
– 1 Knorr brand chicken boullion concentrate(optional)
– 1 sweet/Spanish onion
– 1 English cucumber (unpeeled)
– 5-6 radishes (unpeeled)
– a bunch of dill dill/chives
– lemon juice (optional)


1. Combine the yogurt, buttermilk and beet juice and mix together well.
2. Dice all the vegetables and add to your yogurt mix.
3. Stir the mix, taste and adjust the flavour, adding a squirt of lemon juice/a teaspoon of the Knorr boullion.
4. Serve cold in a glass bowl with chopped bits of chives or dill floating on top.

It makes a nutritious lunch for a hot day ….and a lovely presentation!

Fifth Annual Poker Run

Our Annual Poker Run 2017, will be on Saturday, July 29, 2017. KAPOA, The Valley Gazette and SFVH Foundation once again will collaborate to raise funds to the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation. This most important resource depends on our community support in order to continue to thrive for the citizens of Madawaska Valley and Hastings Highlands.

This year our Goal of $12,000.00 will be used to purchase two hospital stretcher beds which are needed in the Emergency Department of St. Francis Hospital.

See details of the Poker Run 2017 event along with the registration form below.

Lynne MacLean


KAPOA – THE Valley Gazette – St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation (SFVH Foundation)
Fifth Annual Poker Run
Saturday, July 29, 2017

Print and complete the form and return with your cheque for $200.00 to SFVH Foundation. Send your completed registration form and cheque by July 24th to:

KAPOA, PO Box 297, Barry’s Bay, ON K0J 1B0

Arrive at the Barry’s Bay dock between 9:00-10:00 AM to complete registration details and pick up your Poker Run 2017 Participant Package.
Starting at 10:00 AM visit 7 docks where, at each dock, you will draw a card for your poker hand. If for some reason, you miss a dock you will be able to draw an extra card(s) at the 7th dock (Hinterland) to complete your poker hand.

Arrive at Hinterland Beach at 1:00 PM for lunch, festivities and awards.

You can also choose to participate in the Poker Run as a Virtual Participant and thereby contribute to the hospital’s fundraising efforts without going on the boat ride.

To become a Virtual participant:

Complete the registration instructions as above. Please send in your registration no later than July 24th so that members of the Poker Run Organizing Committee can draw your cards and include them in the Poker Run competition.

Arrive at Hinterland Beach at 1:00 PM for lunch, festivities and awards.

If you are a Virtual Participant and will not be able to attend the Hinterland Beach activities, complete the registration instructions and indicate that you will not be at Hinterland. If you should be a Poker Run winner, you will be contacted by a Poker Run Organizing Committee member to receive your winning prize.

Pitch In and Help Pick Up Week

Apri1 17-23 was designated ” Pitch In And Help Pick Up Week”. This was for volunteers to go out and pick up litter from our roads and ditches. As you can see we had some KAPOA volunteers go out and do that. Pictures are of Caroline Malany, Steve and Marilyn Hubbard and family, and Colleen Kobylka. It’s a good cause and we should promote it next year.

Ed Kobylka


Dear KAPOA member,

As the new editorial staff of the KAPOA Newsletter, we are turning to you for input to the Newsletter. If you have an article you would like to write and submit or if you have any ideas regarding either the content or format of the Newsletter, we encourage you to forward them to the staff.

We can be reached at: kapoanewslettereditors@gmail.com

KAPOA Spring Newsletter 2017