Newsletter Spring 2004

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Presidents Message

Anyone who was not here during the winter months must have been appalled this spring, when they witnessed the aftermath of destruction resulting from the ice and snow storms. Beautiful trees bent over, and touched the ground, never to rise up again.

It is nearing ten years now since KAPOA elected second-generation members to our Executive and Director positions. This was a move to save KAPOA from folding at that time, due to the lack of funds and aging property owners, who were unable to take on the task of keeping our Association active.

Unfortunately we are facing this dilemma once again. Our membership is down causing a lack of funds and some of our board members will be retiring next year.

Our elections are scheduled for May 2005. If we do not have an influx of membership dues and a positive response to our call for Board Members, we may be faced regrettably with having to end this long time Association.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding KAPOA or activities in your area.

Virginia Lyon

Regatta 2004

The Regatta will be held on Saturday July 31, 2004. Any young members 14 years and up who wish to give the committee a hand at the Regatta should contact Virginia Lyon. Any involvement large or small will be appreciated. There has been some as to how long the Regatta has been in existence. Thanks to Mr and Mrs Pattison it has been determined that the first Regatta was held in 1971. The Regatta Schedule is attached.

Around The Lake


At the Annual Meeting in May a motion was made and carried that KAPOA newsletter will only be sent by mail or Email to “paid up members”. It was agreed to forgive the past dues but it will be necessary to have current dues paid to enable members to continue to receive the benefits of our organization.

The total memberships paid for 2003 Was 168.

To date we have 35 memberships paid for 2004.

Wolf Creek Dump Site

There has been and appendix “A” to By-Law #26-2003 for all Hasting Highland Waste Disposal Sites. There are now Tipping Fees. The following apply.


Passenger Cars/ Light Trucks…….$3.00/Tire

Heavy Truck/Bus……………………….6.00/Tire

Heavy Equipment……………………..10.00/Tire

Renovation/Construction By-Products

Dump Truck Load……………………..$300.00

Contractor Trailer Load……………….100.00/Ton

1/2 Ton Trailer Load of Shingles……25.00

Appliances containing freon will NOT be accepted at any sites unless tagged with a certificate indicating that the freon has been moved by a qualified technician.

Corn Roast

Our annual Corn Roast will be held on Saturday September 4, 2004 at 7 PM. Bring guitars or other musical instruments or just come talk with friends.

Annual Meeting

The 2004 KAPOA Annual Meeting was held on Saturday May 22 at the Opeongo Seniors Centre at 10:00 AM. Reeve John Hildebrand of Madawaska Valley, Mayor Don Bloom and Deputy Mayor Marie Maschke of Hastings Highlands were in attendance and eager to answer all questions from the floor.

Fire Pumps

A demonstration of how to operate the fire pumps will be held at the Hinterland Beach by George St Amand before dusk on the same night as the roast.

Anyone wishing to help George and learn how to check and service these pumps should call George. It is approximately two days per year to complete this task.

FOCA Update

The Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations continues to represent the property tax concerns of waterfront property owners to the Minister of Finance for the Province of Ontario. They have sent KAPOA a FAIR TAX PETITION for members to sign and return to FOCA. Anyone wishing to obtain a copy of this petition to sign should contact Virginia Lyon.

Newsletter Spring 2004