Newsletter Fall 2012

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Your KAPOA Board hopes you had a wonderful summer because winter is fast approaching Kamaniskeg. The leaves were the best ever posing for your camera.

The lake level is extremely low so these recent rains are welcome. We haven’t had to portage to our docks yet, but getting boats off lifts has been a problem.

KAPOA’s membership is again on the increase this year, with now over 200 members sporting the highly reflective red stickers on their 911 posts. The 2013 stickers will probably be green, but wait until your spring visit from your KAPOA Area Membership Rep to find out for sure.

AGM attendees met and approved your new KAPOA Board of Directors at the site of the Madawaska Mountain ski facility and they have been quite busy ever since.

The KAPOA regatta, while certainly not the only thing KAPOA stands for, it is probably paramount. The regatta was bigger again than in recent times, probably a combination of good weather coupled with improving many aspects of the event, including new signage and a proper tug-of-war rope after the previous one broke so many times. Members or not, everyone is welcome.   While the Kamaniskeg Lake Appetizer Party is not a KAPOA event, KAPOA endorses, supports & promotes it with everyone welcome to the event that occurs annually one week after the KAPOA regatta.   It took place at the Wilson residence this year and is scheduled for 2013 at the Don & Rosalba Morgese residence located at 598 River Road.

The myriad thermometers located about the lake, were part of Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG) efforts to demonstrate that adding cold water to warm water doesn’t really cool things off. Cynically, it appears that OPG is attempting to demonstrate that the 10C Bark Lake effluent from the newly installed bottom valves will not chill the river below 15C even though available surface waters at the dam may exceed 20C.

KAPOA has reacted to concerns about the Algonquin Land Claims issue raised by local provincial & municipal politicians, newspaper articles, and even discussions with folks on the negotiating committee. At the recent Interlake meeting comprising a number of local cottage associations, we learned that letters will be sent this fall, to those property owners adjacent to Crown lands of interest to the Algonquins. If you don’t get a letter by the end of this year, you should not be directly affected.

With more positive news, KAPOA requested the atrocious permanent bathroom facilities located at Hinterland Beach be improved and Hastings Highlands nicely came through with two rental portapotty units available from May 24 weekend until Labour Day weekend. KAPOA is currently requesting similar facilities to be installed at the busy Combermere dock as well.

FYI, the planned 2013 shut-down of the Sand Bay dump will not occur because that dump has a new lease on life and will carry on indefinitely employing Toronto’s Centennial Hill layered model of going up and then covering periodically with sand.

KAPOA recently started a photo contest with prizes from Spectacle Lake Lodge. You can check out some of the entries at the KAPOA web site.

Swimmer’s Itch

Parasites have caused swimmers’ itch in our waterway. Do you, or people near you feed the ducks?

There is a connection between attracting ducks and swimmer’s itch. Eggs from a parasite are excreted into the water in duck feces. The eggs hatch into larvae that find snails and form another larval stage that is released into the water. This time the larvae are looking for ducks to get into their blood streams, mature, mate and send off their eggs in the feces again. The second stage larvae may find a human or other mammal or bird to penetrate.

The good news is that the larvae do not get beyond the skin of a human. An area of irritation develops into itchy small reddish pimples and/or small blisters that usually go away in a few days. The itching can be intense. Small children who play at the water’s edge for long periods are especially at risk.

Newsletter Fall 2012