McBride Project/Mining Proposal

Hello from Kelly @ Think Turtle Conservation Initiative

If you were not able to attend the McBride Project /Mining Proposal public meeting yesterday and are in opposition of the mining proposal please visit the Limerick Area Conservation Coalition (LACC) website to sign the PETITION to stop the “MCBRIDE PROJECT” mining proposal at

The LACC Facebook and Twitter information is also listed on the website.

Even if you do not live within the area of the proposed mining site, situated on 2174 acres in Limerick Township, west of Highway 62, south of Highway 620, 25 km south of Bancroft, please think of the people and wildlife that do. Mining had it’s day in this region and that time has pasted. Let us not repeat mistakes made in the past by thinking it will create jobs or bring revenue into the community without a price to pay. Mining is destructive and chasing after trace amounts of minerals under the guise of so called environmentally friendly practices would have little effect on minimizing damage. In this case damage is damage and it would surpass the lifespan of the mine. This mining proposal venturing forth comes at too high a cost to the environment, wildlife and the people that inhabit the area.

The environmental impact of mining is extensive and can include; formation of sinkholes, erosion, contamination of soil, groundwater,and surface water by chemicals from mining processes. In addition to environmental damage contamination resulting from leakage of chemicals (if used) can affect the health of the local population. Other health concerns include; acidic oxidation occurs during the mining process when certain minerals come in contact with air and water. The acid increases water acidity, having an acute and chronic effect on wildlife and humans. As well as the overall noise and all manner of mining activity effecting the local populations quality of life.

I was asked by the LACC for assistance in identifying turtles (species at risk) that may inhabit the abundant presence of wetlands that would be effected by the mining proposal. I am of course very concerned about the turtles but as I see it given the destructive nature of mining all wildlife in the vicinity of the proposed mining site would be a species at risk. The wildlife that would be effected by this venture needs our help as they do not have a voice in this.

Please show your support in opposition of the mining proposal venturing forth by signing the petition and sharing this post and asking others to do the same. Thank you.

This proposed mining site has a history some community members may remember.

The surrounding community spearheaded by Pat and Chuck Potter managed to stop a similar mining proposal (same location) in 2004.

Monica Nikopoulos – Limerick Area Conservation Coalition (LACC) wrote:
In 2004, Mining Watch Canada gave a presentation and factually stated that jobs were unionized from outside our area specialized in mining. Any local jobs created, possibly less than a hand full if that, would be close to minimum wage and would only last for the short life of the mine. This has not changed.

McBride Project/Mining Proposal