KAPOA Fall Newsletter 2019

Message from the president

At the end of a successful year for KAPOA it is time to reflect on the organization as to whether we have achieved our goals for 2019. From my position I feel that KAPOA did very well and in some instances, surpassed our expectations, this is due to our tireless volunteers that do a fantastic job.

It has been a very active year for KAPOA due to the numerous issues that have crept into view. In the early part of 2019, KAPOA pursued the cause of the spill at the Wastewater Treatment plant, and due to our persistence, we were able to get the Ministry of Environment involved. KAPOA and the Ministry of Environment toured the facility and asked specific questions of concern, which were answered to our satisfaction. We were told why and how the spill occurred and reassured that precautions were put in place to prevent a similar situation from occurring.

The Chippawa Development is a big concern to some people. We understand that the development will happen, and the owners are abiding by all the bylaws and environmental concerns of the local population. Public meetings and concerns that the development was too big, have resulted in the downsizing of the development.

Spring Flooding is another serious issue that KAPOA is monitoring and Premier Doug Fords office has been contacted with the results and damage created by the spring flood. A lot of people blame everything on climate change but the majority of people that I have spoken to, firmly believe that it’s a case of water mismanagement.

Hastings highlands council is pursuing a mandatory septic inspection program, which will not be popular with many, and we will have to make sure that the implementation will be fair to all and not another cost burden.

Hasting Highlands Interlake Association is working on a solution bylaw that will control the sale and use of fireworks. There have been many complaints and serious concerns about the laid- back attitude that Hastings Highlands has towards this serious source of lake pollution and a high risk of causing forest fires.

I’m sure there will be new concerns in the upcoming year and some volunteers to help with this would be greatly appreciated, as you can see there are a lot of issues.

If you are a person that likes to get involved and meet new friends, and be part of this great organization contact us at…kapoacares@gmail.com.

Ed Kobylka – President


Things in Madawaska Valley Township appear to be moving forward in a positive manner. Our past concerns over the failed tests at the water treatment plant were addressed with a tour of the facility and a review of their ongoing test procedures. We were very impressed that there are daily and weekly tests done by in house staff and external independent testing to ensure the plant is processing the town waste water correctly. Staff works constantly to keep a correct balance in the system dealing with chemical or biological challenges which users can create.

The Railway Station has been operating very successfully returned to its mandated function as a tourist information center and town museum under the guidance of Councilor Mark Wilmer. We look forward to seeing volunteerism generate grant funding to support more community recreation events. Staffing at the township appears to have stabilized and is working as a team. Mayor Love and members of council have been working with legal counsel to ensure that chronic complaints do not eat up our tax dollars. This year’s tax increase was kept to a reasonable 2.5%.There are many things that can be done, and many things that must be done, but only so many we can afford in our tax base at a given time.

We look forward to good and responsible management of our taxes with our newly elected Council in the years ahead.

Andrew Boyd – Vice president

2019 Regatta

Thanks to everyone who attended the 2019 KAPOA regatta at Hinterland Beach on the August Civic long weekend. Once again we had a very solid turnout and continued enthusiasm for a little good natured competition. The sailing race only had 2 participants this year: John/Marie Craig in their CL16, and Ed Byers/Martin McLeod in their O’Day sailboat. The CL16 prevailed this year giving John and Marie the sailing trophy. Organizer William Cahoon is looking for a volunteer chaser boat for next year’s race, please contact us through the KAPOA Cares email if you can meet this need next year.

This year’s sandcastle entries exceeded prior years, the enthusiasm and inspiration was tremendous and impressed our judges, Deanne and Jackie. They so enjoyed listening to each artist describe their sandcastle materials and methods.

This year’s winners for swimming were once again, Ian Cox (men’s division) and Alaina Ralph (women’s division). Close runners up for the men’s trophy were Aleks Pyz and Cadence St. Louis. Close runners up for the women’s trophy were Nyah Bilous and Lindsay Cox. The all around competitor trophy for highest points received in both swimming and canoeing races went this year to Aleks Pyz, with next closest competitors Gabriel Coutu and Max Perry.

The day finished with our usual tug-of-war competition that resulted in 3 separate winners – the really little ones, the junior category, and the always popular senior category. Congratulations to everyone who competes in this grueling battle at the end of a long day, and special congrats to the senior winners – the Pyz/Lagerquist families. We’ve seen them on the podium many times!

Very special for this year were our new regatta t-shirts featuring a refreshed logo on the front and a word cloud of all the things we most cherish on the back, in the shape of our own Kamaniskeg Lake! Thanks to Deanne Farrar for her creative inspiration and her time to get these shirts designed, ordered and delivered in time for the Poker Run and regatta. We pre-sold 120 t-shirts over Facebook and through our KAPOA newsletter, and sold all of our remaining adult shirts and many of the youth sized inventory on the day of the regatta. For those who didn’t get a shirt, stay tuned for more shirts to be available next year. We’ll take a pulse early next summer for pre-sales once again, which is your best bet for getting in on the action.

The regatta could not be a success without our sponsors and numerous volunteers – together we are an amazing team! Looking forward to doing it all again next year, see you then.

Kerra Wylie

Regatta Pics


Membership for KAPOA in 2019 is at 227 close to the same as in 2018. Thank you to all those have renewed this year and welcome all new members.

E-transfers are becoming increasingly more popular with approximately 67 e-transfers this year. E-transfers have helped us tremendously maintain our membership given our vast area to cover especially since our volunteers are getting older. We appreciate those who have chosen this method of payment and renewal.
Other options for renewal are:

In person at any one of our KAPOA events or by mail to:

PO Box 297
Barry’s Bay Ontario
K0J 1B0

Colleen Kobylka – Director of Membership

BOB MILLAR MEMORIAL – 7th Annual Poker Run 2019

The morning of Saturday, July 27th greeted us with warm weather and very blustery winds. We had to tie down our tent and hold down our paperwork but with great team work we were able to get everyone registered and off on the Poker Run.

We had 35 actual boats take part in the Poker Run this year and we surpassed our target of $10,000.00, raising a total of $15,440.00 for the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation. Our donation will enable the hospital to purchase a central display unit enabling staff to monitor critically ill patients in the Emergency Department. Since our first Poker Run event in 2013, we have donated a total of $79,000.00 to the SFVH Foundation. Thanks to all our participants and to all those who made donations, your support and generosity help ensure that our hospital remains up to date with technology.

Thanks to our prize sponsors, Ralph Emmerson Hats, The Ashgrove Inn, Grumblin’ Granny’s, Home Hardware, Homestead at Wolf Ridge Golf Course, Kam-Keg Marine, Lorraine’s Pharmasave, MAD Outdoors, METRO Barry’s Bay,
Spectacle Lake Lodge, Andrea’s Pet Salon, Madawaska Coffee, and to David Wilson for making the arrangements and compiling our BOGO prize packages.

Thanks to those who volunteered their docks and manned them so well. To The Ashgrove Inn and Wendell Henry, the Pyz Family, Erin Millar, Sharon Mahussier, the Enright Family, Sand Bay Camp and Toni and Marianne Wright and the Feaver/Henson Family, your support and enthusiasm as always is truly appreciated. Our participants always remark on the warm welcomes and hospitality they receive at your docks.

Thanks to our Poker Run committee, Ed Ragan, David Wilson, Ed & Colleen Kobylka, Joanne Wilson Wendy McCourt, Chris Chaplin, Toni Lavigne-Conway and Michel Lavigne of The Valley Gazette for all our printing and advertising. Also, Duncan MacLean, John Chaplin, Robin Lowry and Leonard Furtado, for helping at the Barry’s Bay Dock and at the Bent Anchor.

Special thanks to Joanne Wilson, Lori, Georgia and Madelaine Carre, for the preparation of our great dinner and to Mark Lyon, Patrick Wilson and Hatam Kawar for doing a great job of manning the barbeques.
Thanks once again to Brian Carre for reviewing and tabulating the score cards.

The 1st prize poker hand was won by Cheryl Lansdowne & Chris Fischer with four of a kind, 2nd prize hand went to Peggy
& Andy Olbrycht with a Full House Kings over 5’s, 3rd prize went to Harold Markle with a full house Queens over Aces , 4th prize went to Chris Pyz with a full house Jacks over Sevens , 5th prize went to Edgar & Gerri Lucas with a full house 3’s over 4’s. The 50/50 draw winner was Harold Markle who generously donated his $240.00 win back to the foundation.

Once again, thank you to one and all for making this Poker Run event such a great success and I look forward to seeing you all again in 2020.

Lynne MacLean
Chair, Poker Run 2019

Poker Run Pics

A message from the St Francis Memorial Healthcare foundation

An amazing $15,200 was raised at the Bob Millar Memorial Poker Run!! All proceeds from the poker run will support the purchase of a new central display unit for the emergency department at St. Francis Memorial Hospital. Thank you to all who participated and a very special thanks to the volunteers and organizers for their hard work and dedication!

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KAPOA Fall Newsletter 2019