BOB MILLAR MEMORIAL – 7th Annual Poker Run 2019


The morning of Saturday, July 27th greeted us with warm weather and very blustery winds.   We had to tie down our tent and hold down our paperwork but with great team work we were able to get everyone registered and off on the Poker Run.

We had 35 actual boats take part in the Poker Run this year and we surpassed our target of $10,000.00, raising a total of $15,440.00 for the St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation.  Our donation will enable the hospital to purchase a central display unit enabling staff to monitor critically ill patients in the Emergency Department.   Since our first Poker Run event in 2013, we have donated a total of $79,000.00 to the SFVH Foundation.  Thanks to all our participants and to all those who made donations, your support and generosity help ensure that our hospital remains up to date with technology.

Thanks to our prize sponsors, Ralph Emmerson Hats, The Ashgrove Inn,  Grumblin’ Granny’s, Home Hardware, Homestead at Wolf Ridge Golf Course, Kam-Keg Marine, Lorraine’s Pharmasave, MAD Outdoors, METRO Barry’s Bay, Spectacle Lake Lodge, Andrea’s Pet Salon, Madawaska Coffee,  and to David Wilson for making the arrangements and compiling our BOGO prize packages.

Thanks to those who volunteered their docks and manned them so well.  To The Ashgrove Inn and Wendell Henry, the Pyz Family, Erin Millar, Sharon Mahussier,  the Enright Family, Sand Bay Camp and Toni and Marianne Wright  and the Feaver/Henson Family, your support and enthusiasm as always is truly appreciated.  Our participants always remark on the warm welcomes and hospitality they receive at your docks.

Thanks to our Poker Run committee, Ed Ragan, David Wilson,  Ed  & Colleen Kobylka, Joanne Wilson  Wendy McCourt,  Chris Chaplin, Toni Lavigne-Conway and Michel Lavigne of The Valley Gazette for all our printing and advertising.  Also, Duncan MacLean, John Chaplin, Robin Lowry and  Leonard Furtardo,  for helping at the Barry’s Bay Dock and at the Bent Anchor.

Thank you to Jameel and Matty, the new owners of the Bent Anchor who so graciously offered  us an alternative venue for this event.  Special thanks to Joanne Wilson, Lori, Georgia and Madelaine Carre, for the preparation of our great dinner and to Mark Lyon, Patrick Wilson and Hatam Kawar for doing a great job of manning the barbeques.

Thanks once again to Brian Carre for reviewing and tabulating the score cards.

The 1st prize poker hand was won by Cheryl  Lansdowne & Chris Fischer with four of a kind, 2nd prize hand went to Peggy & Andy Olbrych with a Full House Kings over  5’s,  3rd prize went to Harold Markle with a full house Queens over Aces ,  4th prize went to Chris Pyz with a full house Jacks over  Sevens , 5th prize went to Edgar & Gerri  Lucas with a full house 3’s over 4’s.   The 50/50 draw winner was Harold Markle who generously donated his $240.00 win back to the foundation.

Once again, thank you to one and all for making this Poker Run event such a great success and I look forward to seeing you all again in 2020.

Lynne MacLean

Chair, Poker Run 2019

BOB MILLAR MEMORIAL – 7th Annual Poker Run 2019