Newsletter Fall/Winter 2006/2007

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President’s Message

This summer’s events on our lake reinforce our interdependence and the role that KAPOA plays within our waterfront community. Disaster struck in the form of a tornado and cottage fire. KAPOA members’ response to these events was remarkable.

Everyone is aware of the community response to the tornado. People volunteered their time unselfishly and worked tirelessly to restore services. Although it will take years for things to return to normal, if they ever can, the outpouring of support was astounding. KAPOA played a significant role in ensuring that the level of municipal response was equitable from the two municipalities that represent our lake.

Everyone may not be aware of the individual KAPOA members’ response to a fire that destroyed a cottage on the lake in July. Lightning struck a tree at 4 a.m., igniting a blaze that quickly consumed the cottage; luckily no one was home at the time. Neighbours from both sides of the lake responded to the fire and assisted the fire department in controlling the fire. If it was not for these quick actions the fire would have spread to other properties. A former KAPOA pump was put to good use.

KAPOA members are also involved in helping others through the summer. Our annual Regatta was well attended despite being held three days after the tornado. One family attending the Regatta told us as they paid their membership, that they visit our lake each year at this time especially for this community event. In addition KAPOA maintains Hinterland Beach, conducts water sampling and organizes other community events.

It makes me proud to be a member of KAPOA. We are only as strong as our membership. Let’s maintain our strong community.

Sean Capstick, President, KAPOA

KAPOA Aids in Obtaining Tornado Recovery Assistance from Hasting Highlands

A class F-2 tornado struck our area on August 2 causing extensive damage along the south shore of the lake and Hyde’s Bay. Miraculously, given the number of downed trees and demolished buildings, no one was seriously hurt. The Municipality of Madawaska Valley immediately called a state of emergency. Municipal workers, local residents and volunteers worked to clear a staggering amount of trees and debris from roads and private property in the Combermere area.

The Municipality of Hastings Highlands did not provide a similar response. Our Volunteer Fire Department and municipal workers worked into the night to allow emergency road access. No additional support to residents was provided.

A week after the tornado, Georgeen St. Amand from KAPOA attended a regular council meeting. She was instrumental in declaring the lake’s southwest shore a disaster area. Immediately, crews were ready to help clear Kamaniskeg Road of trees and debris left from the initial clearing.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who aided in the relief effort and a special thank you to Georgeen.

KAPOA Regatta 2006 – Wrap Up

This year’s Regatta was a result of all the hard work by everyone who pitched in to make it possible. After taking on the task, it was wonderful to receive the support that I did from those that have run the event in the past. Support from the crowd on the beach was fantastic. Generous donations were received from Chris Pyz and Cathy Pitts for our hot dog stand. Remaining supplies from the Regatta were donated to residents in need along the areas of our lake that were hit by the tornado on August 2.

With the destruction left in the wake of the tornado at the south end of the lake, continuing with the Regatta was a risk. The Kamaniskeg Lake road was closed for part of the day and many cars turned back.

KAPOA runs on the power of volunteers. Many thanks go to everyone who helped make the day a success, before the Regatta, in set-up and clean-up afterwards.

An extra-special thanks to my parents for their support and understanding as I organized the day it didn’t make for a stress-free July!

Newsletter Fall/Winter 2006/2007