Chippawa Shores Development Update

The Chippawa Shores development meeting on Oct 15 was well presented and provided information that proactively answered a lot of questions. The 54 single family home lots will be sold along the river and the shore of Green lake. These will be serviced by roads and common areas which will be registered and controlled as a condominium. Main access to the development will be the Chippawa Rd entrance but there will be an emergency only service entrance on Tamarack Rd. There will be set back rules regarding land clearing and the locations of homes. The proposal also calls for river lot docks to be parallel to the shore with no swim rafts located in the river. Limits are to be placed on watercraft on Green Lake for environmental reasons. Three of the lots to be developed are currently sensitive wetland areas which would be filled in and would require specialized filtered septic systems to be installed for home use.

Members of the public raised a number of concerns including:

  • If the proposed numbers of lots are allowed on Green Lake would it be overdeveloped environmentally?
  • Would other property on Green Lake be devalued or restricted for development?
  • Would the shore development be controlled by the condominium owning the 66 foot shoreline allowance?
  • How would the Tamarack Rd emergency access be controlled, would it be gated?
  • Could not a central marina be built on the lake to prevent dock and safety issues on the river?
  • How and who would police and maintain the rules of the condo development?

Any other persons wishing to address concerns and to have right of appeal must respond now to the County to Charles Cheesman at

For more information: Subdivision Plan

Chippawa Shores Development Update