Water Testing – Volunteers Needed

Lots of info at LPP and at FOCA.

Basically you need a boat to start with. You also need to prepare a rope/string which needs to be graduated in 0.1 metre increments and should be at least 6m long. Every two weeks or so throughout the boating season you do turbidity tests by dropping a special disk called a Secchi disk down over the side of the boat using the graduated rope until you can’t see the damned thing. You record that depth. In May or early June you actually take water samples (they provide you with everything except the graduated rope/string mentioned earlier and a weight – I use a 2 lb stone). You send the water samples back in the prepaid Canada ExpressPost box which they supply.

The spots on the lake that are already defined and would be good to measure are indicated by the red arrows. I do the spot south of Mask Island.

Kamaniskeg Lake Water Testing Locations

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Water Testing – Volunteers Needed