Eighth Annual Poker Run – Saturday, July 25, 2020

The 8th Annual KAPOA, The Valley Gazette, SFVH Foundation Poker Run

Saturday, July 25, 2020

COVID 19 has changed our lives and as a result the 2020 Annual Poker Run will be held on Saturday July 25, but with some major changes. All boats will be virtual this year. Retailers have been hit particularly hard, so instead of relying on their substantial generosity by donating BOGO prizes, we are offering cash prizes this year.

There will be six prizes in all for a total of $1,000. This prize pool is derived half from KAPOA, in lieu of BBQ food & beverages, and the other half from a supportive benefactor wishing to see the event continue. To clarify, no donations you provide to the hospital form any portion of the prizes. One hundred percent of Poker Run participant donations are passed on to the Hospital Foundation, as has been the case from the beginning.

To this point, by working together over the years as a community, the Poker Run has contributed over $85,000 to the hospital Foundation. Our contributions have helped fund a new mammography instrument; ER stretcher beds, ER heart monitors and upgrades to ER monitoring system, as the pictures below show.

For more info see the Dr Alex Bladder Scanner video

FYI, our governments do not fund equipment purchases and upgrades, so our hospital relies on our generous community for support. We want to ensure that St Francis Memorial Hospital has the vital equipment it needs to thrive, even in these trying times. That is why we need your help!

This year, our goal is to contribute to the purchase of a portable, ultrasound bladder scanner that can be used at the bedside to prevent costly and invasive procedures such as cystoscopy and catheterization. A bladder scanner is a $16,000 device which can perform quick, painless and non-invasive scans of the bladder, looking for stones, blockages and other abnormalities.

If you want to be among the first to sign up, please e-transfer your $200 to pay.kapoa@gmail.com (being sure to include your name and mailing address and use kapoacares as the answer to your security question); or, alternatively, mail your cheque, payable to SFVH Foundation, to KAPOA, Box 297, Barry’s Bay, ON K0J 1B0; or simply call Lynne MacLean at 905-802-6327, armed with your credit card and she will quickly and efficiently accept your donation; or she will make arrangements to pick up your cash payment. Full $200 tax receipts will be issued to everybody.

Together, we can raise the ceiling.
Stay safe and let’s share our good fortune with our hospital.
Thank you again from those past & present.

WOW, we have made our goal to pay for the Bladder Scanner!

We will be donating an incredible $16,820.00 to the SFVH Foundation.

The winners are:

  • 1st Prize of $500.00 – Tony Wright – Full House Jacks/Aces
  • 2nd Prize of 200.00 – Janet Foster – Full House Nines/Fives
  • 3rd Prize of $150.00 – Vince Steepe – Full HouseThrees/Sevens
  • 4th Prize of $100.00 – Tom Wilson – Full House Threes/Fours
  • 5th Prize of $50.00 – Chester Shippke – Flush – King High

Thank you to all who donated and continued to support our local hospital, St. Francis Memorial Hospital.

Eighth Annual Poker Run – Saturday, July 25, 2020