Seventh Annual Poker Run – Saturday, July 27, 2019

KAPOA – THE Valley Gazette – St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation (SFVH Foundation) Bob Millar Seventh Annual Poker Run

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Print and complete the form below and return with your cheque for $200.00 to SFVH Foundation. Send your completed registration form and cheque by July 22nd to:

KAPOA, PO Box 297, Barry’s Bay, ON K0J 1B0

Arrive at the Barry’s Bay dock between 10:00-11:00 AM to complete registration details and pick up your Poker Run 2019 Participant Package.

Starting at 10:30 AM visit 7 docks where, at each dock, you will draw a card for your poker hand. If for some reason, you miss a dock you will be able to draw an extra card(s) at the 7th stop to complete your poker hand.

Arrive at the Bent Anchor at 4:00 PM, for dinner, festivities and awards.

You can also choose to participate in the Poker Run as a Virtual Participant and thereby contribute to the hospital’s fundraising efforts without going on the boat ride.

To become a Virtual participant:

Complete the registration instructions as above. Please send in your registration no later than July 22nd so that members of the Poker Run Organizing Committee can draw your cards and include them in the Poker Run competition.

Arrive at the Bent Anchor at 4:00 PM, for dinner, festivities and awards.

If you are a Virtual Participant and will not be able to attend the Bent Anchor activities, complete the registration instructions and indicate that you will not be at the Bent Anchor. If you should be a Poker Run winner, you will be contacted by a Poker Run Organizing Committee member to receive your winning prize.

No Cheque Book – No Problem – E-Transfer

While cheques are the preferred payment method for your Poker Run donations to the SFVH Foundation, which simplify receipting and record keeping, KAPOA can accept and pass on to the Foundation your $200 ONLY donation by E-Transfer, as follows:

Log in to your on-line bank account.

Select Transfers, then Interac e-Transfer, then Send Money, and enter the following Information:
Send to address:
Amount: $200.00 (any other amounts will be used to offset event costs)
Security question: who cares (or any text you like: only the answer below is important)
Answer: kapoacares (small letters, no spaces, no caps, required & important)
Message: Your Name; mailing address; Contact Phone Number

Your bank may have a slightly different procedure but the effect will be the same.

The E-Transfer message must include sufficient information so the SFVH Foundation can provide you a receipt as the donor (and not to KAPOA).

Just as if you paid by cheque, the entire $200 submitted by E-Transfer is passed to the SFVH Foundation, without any deduction. 100%.

A Poker Run Registration Form is still required as well, just as if you submitted a cheque for your donation.

Thank you for your donation which helps to equip our local hospital to operate at maximum efficiency for the benefit of us all.

Seventh Annual Poker Run – Saturday, July 27, 2019