Algonquin Land Claim Update – Dec 2020

The agreement in principle (AIP) was ratified in 2016. Ontario, Canada and the Algonquins of Ontario (AOO) are currently engaged in the final stage of treaty negotiations, which the parties anticipate will be concluded in a few more years. If the negotiations are successful, the end result will be a Final Agreement that will take the form of a modern-day treaty.

Ontario’s earlier consultations and ongoing negotiations with the AOO have resulted in some changes to the package of Crown lands proposed for future transfer to the AOO. Read the Algonquin land claim environmental evaluation supplemental report to learn about proposed changes to the AOO lands package. The below map shows unchanged lands in grey, and new proposed lands for future transfer in orange, in KAPOA’s territory.

There appear to be no changes to the lands including Ski Island, around the ski hill and some part of the Thomas P Murray trails (Parcel 60B).

There is a new parcel 364 on the point jutting out into the Madawaska River just up river from Kamaniskeg and close to MKC, and a smaller strip 364e that looks like an access road to get to it (refer to page 37).

There is a new parcel 370 on the east side of Blackfish Bay straddling Hwy 62 after the S-turn on the way down to Combermere (refer to page 78).


Algonquin Land Claim Update – Dec 2020