2015 Annual General Meeting

2015 KAPOA Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Sunday 2015 July 26 Combermere Community Centre 1095 Farmer Rd, Combermere

Attendance : Directors & Committee Chairs Present: Dave Wilson, Vince Steepe, Jeneene Brunton, Bob Millar, Roelf Beukens, Andy Boyd, George Zurakowski, & Ed Ragan

President Dave Wilson welcomed all at 9:00 a.m. with introductions of all KAPOA personnel and the two respective mayors as VIPs.

Reports delivered included the following: Poker Run-Ed Ragan; Regatta-Bob Millar; Flows & Levels/Invasive Species (Zebra Mussels, Spiny Water Flea, Blue Green Algal Blooms)-Roelf Beukens;
Water Quality/Lake Partner Program-George Zurakowski; Algonquin Land Claims Update-Dave Wilson; Communications-Bob Tatarski; Membership-Jeneene Brunton & Bob Millar; MV PAC
(Political Action Committee)-Andy Boyd; Real Estate Trends, Reporting & MPAC Assessments-Dave Wilson; &, Finance-Vince Steepe.

Vince Steepe asked if there were any nominees from the floor to join the slate presented including: Dave Wilson, Bob Millar, Kerra Wylie, Lynne Maclean, Robin Lowry, Jeneene Brunton, Roelf
Beukens, Bob Tatarski, & Vince Steepe. Finding none, he requested a motion that that slate be accepted by acclamation; Dave Wilson moved & Andy Boyd seconded; Yea Vote unanimous.
Although KAPOA was registered in 2013 as a Not for Profit Corporation to avoid liability issues, bylaws have not yet been adopted, upon lawyer’s advice, because new legislation has been considered imminent, a state still remaining presently. Hopefully by the next AGM, we will be able to present bylaws complying with the new legislation without having to endure the process and expense twice.

Local real estate professionals have informed KAPOA that the MPAC assessments for Kamaniskeg waterfronts are frequently grossly overstated meaning that some folks are paying greatly excessive
property taxes. By a show of hands, members strongly indicated support for a new page to be added to the KAPOA web site showing the following information: for each of current listing and/or sale going back three years: the 911 street address; list or sale price; assessed price & sell:assessment ratio; list or sale date & # days listed to sell; house/building size/area, # bedrooms, # bathrooms; lot width & depth; contact name (with R/E office if applicable); & contact phone number.

KAPOA urgently requires a fishing person to head up a committee to interface with MNR and report results back to KAPOA members. The MNR supplied Broad Scale Fish studies for 2014 and 2008
have both been posted to the KAPOA web site.

Water quality remains good and within acceptable target zones from the standpoint of clarity, phosphates, flows & levels, and fish species variety. Mostly attributed to the reduction or elimination of phosphates in detergents & fertilizers along with elimination of acid rain arising from Inco smoke in Sudbury.

MV mayor, Kim Love & HH mayor Vivian Bloom provided updates for their respective municipalities, with the former explaining the changes from previous council and the latter explaining the ongoing problems. HH has been refused grants for road improvements contracts for the last five requests, apparently because the low debt load permits additional traditional borrowing, so HH doesn’t qualify for grants. Apparently in this land, them that has, don’t get! Peculiar logic but perhaps understandable from the (our) province with the biggest provincial debt in Canada and second only to Quebec on a percapita basis. MV enjoys a county road system so is somewhat insulated from the biggest potential budget item whereas HH, with lots of roads and relatively few ratepayers, bears the entire roads budget exposure including a substantial amount of Hwy 62. Questions from the floor were answered by both mayors.

The KAPOA web site has been substantially upgraded in 2015 by Evan Croskery and the newsletter & bulletin publishing process is being supported with additional resources along with Bob Tatarski to facilitate publsihing more regular emails.

The 2015 Poker Run final tally seems to be $10,350 (unless further donations trickle in) which translates to about 51.75 boats, with about 45% real, on-the-water boats picking up lucky cards versus about 55% virtual boats for generous donors not able to participate directly, with cards being selected for them. The ‘Think Pink’ campaign benefited the busy digital mammography unit where over 1,000 images/procedures occur annually. All with no hit to the KAPOA membership dues. Assets expensed for items such as banners & folding tables, etc (rather than recorded as balance sheet items purchased) show the Poker Run with a very small loss under $200 for the current year rather than the approximately $400 profit after 50:50 and other contributions are recorded. KAPOA receives a lot of favourable publicity for its successful fund raising efforts on behalf of the hospital. Our partner, the Valley Gazette, and the Saint Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation are both pleased with the KAPOA performance.

Bob Tatarski announced upcoming future events including the regatta, appetizer party, corn roast, lighted boat parade, the Labour Day KAPOA directors meeting, & the Area Rep recognition BBQ and cited the ongoing need for volunteers for some events and activities.

Membership dues are now payable by e-transfer with the 911 sticker and membership handout mailed in response to electronic payments.

Dave Wilson thanked the approximately two dozen attendees for their participation in an interesting, informative and short meeting and the meeting adjourned at about 11:00 a.m. followed by a Directors Meeting to determine positions.

Results of KAPOA Directors Meeting (immediately following the AGM)

The positions on the executive were voted upon by all directors present with results as follow.

Dave Wilson-President; Kerra Wylie-Regatta, Vince Steepe-Treasurer, Robin Lowry-Secretary, Lynne Maclean-Public Relations, Jeneene Brunton-Membership Secretary, Bob Millar-VP & Membership,
Roelf Beukens-Flows & Levels, Bob Tatarski-Communications.

2015 Annual General Meeting