2014 Annual General Meeting

The KAPOA AGM was held Sun July 27th 2014 at Madawaska Mountain and was attended by approximately 60 people (including board & presenters).

Welcome:   Dave Wilson

  • Yesterday’s Poker Run raised $8,600, more on the Poker Run below

Introductions:  Dave Wilson

  • Board of Directors – Dave Wilson, Kerra Wylie, Bob Millar, Vince Steepe, Jeneene Brunton, Bill Cormode/Catherine Rees. Absent:  Robin Lowry, Evan Croskery, Deanne Farrar.
  • Membership Reps – George Zurakowski, Al Anderson, Bill Cormode/Catherine Rees, Andy Boyd
  • VIP’s – Dave Shulist, Kim Love, Ernie Peplinskie, Tracy Haggar, Harold Harris (past president, Papineau Lake)

KAPOA Update:  Dave Wilson

  • Broad scale fish inventory nets coming in August by MNR – please do not disturb or run over
  • KAPOA membership payment option – Email & credit card payment options coming soon
  • Newsletters by email only
  • Website maintenance and updates are performed by Evan Croskery

KAPOA (3 minute) REPORTS:

Poker Run:  Ed Ragan: 

  • Great day, thanks to organizing group – Bob Millar, Dave Wilson, Ed Ragan, Mark Lyons
  • looking for 2015 volunteers – registration, dock layouts, Hinterland festivities,
  • 43 boats this year, raising funds toward SFMH digital mammography equipment

Regatta:  Kerra:

  • call for volunteers – 16 positions, half are in water

Water quality:  George Zurakowski/Dave Wilson :

  • spring unusually wet, clarity tests normal this year but last reading was only to 3 meters (usually 4 meters) near Mask Island as well as Blackfish Bay
  • could be due to suspended solids, deterioration – don’t take seriously unless repeats
  • water quality chemical test results by Ministry later in year
  • George conducts clarity tests every 2-3 weeks

Water Level & Flows:   Roelf Beukens:

  • OPG – Bark Lake fill up by end of May
  • run off started Apr 14 – water rose rapidly by 20 cms but well below the maximum by 25 cms
  • May – levels rose in second half
  • currently in middle of summer min and max
  • OPG water releases – 4 days weekly, 2 are log releases, 2 are valve releases

Forestry : Dave Wilson:

  • no significant items to report at the AGM, but the latest forestry report is available on the KAPOA website

Algonquin Land Claim: Dave Wilson:

  • KAPOA continues with mandate to keep membership informed
  • co-signor of a legal document sent to dispute the process
  • see below for further MNR update

Mark Wilmer – thank you for use of facility today

Financial Statement: Vince Steepe

  • bank balance is up by $500 over end of last year ($10,812 as at Dec 31/13 vs $10,215 as at Dec 31/12)
  • higher expenses – Poker Run startup, non-recurring regatta expenses
  • Move to accept report – Move by George St. Amand, 2nd by Bob Millar. All accepted

KAPOA Elections of Directors:   Nominations by Vince Steepe

  • Dave Wilson, Kerra Wylie,  Robin Lowry,  Vince Steepe,   Jeneene Brunton,   Bob Millar,  Evan Croskery,   Roelf Beukens,  Cathryn Rees/Bill Cormode (until after October 2014 election),    Jim Anderson
  • Motion to accept board members – move by Dave Wilson, 2nd by Bob Millar
  • Resignation from BoardDeanne Farrar. Deanne’s valued contribution was acknowledged.

Greening Project:  Marg Haden-Pawlowski

  • Importance of greening of community recognized last year
  • Claudia of MKC had connection with Urban Studies and Heritage Conservation at Carleton University – free service to consult with community to revitalize
  • recommendations – improved waterfront, nicer signage, benchs, less concrete
  • Focus on Barry’s Bay area – MAD Outdoors, Pharmacy plantings. Plants are native to the area.
  • Combermere and Wilno last year.
  • volunteers work with Carleton U. groups’ plans & navigate permits requirements. No money raised.
  • Metro has followed the lead of the group.
  • Sponsorship packages are available for benches, stepping stones, etc. Minimum $100 for placque.  Not set in stone, interested in where you want to see greening initiatives.

Library report: Iwona Mooney: 

  • renamed to Madawaska Valley Public Library
  • non-resident fees are decreased to $30/family annually – some exceptions
  • loan periods extended to 3 weeks. eBooks, audio still 2 weeks.  Renewals over phone
  • summer/winter hours have changed, see brochures
  • eBook download requires membership card

Political Candidates:

Madawaska Valley Council & Mayoralty

  • Dave Shulist, incumbent Mayor
  • Kim Love – running for mayor
  • Ernie Peplinskie – running for Council
  • Ted Bialy – running for Council
  • Faith Archer – running for Council
  • Noted that Family Health Organization is hosting an all-candidates open house on Tues Aug 26th at the Opeongo Seniors Centre, Barry’s Bay, 7-9pm

Citizens Action Committee report: Andy Boyd

  • lake front properties bear significant portion of the tax burden
  • concerns with how funds spent
  • waste water downloading drew 400 demonstrators at council meeting, and thousands of signatures
  • initiative appears to have been dropped due to public pressure, and Shawn O’Reilly resigned
  • no one worked harder than Kim Love and Ernie Peplinski on/with this committee
  • Septage unit issue – fee schedule, inability to accept septage currently, one time cost downloading – Kim Love instrumental in understanding and communicating the issues
  • represents all citizens of Madawaska Valley
  • 19 commercial illegal bypasses identified, water rates are too high resultantly
  • concerns with CAO fired without cause = high severance. Replacement CAO hired at higher annual rate, fired with cause.
  • transparency issue – 67% of closed sessions for council meetings. Little discussion, only voting.  Complaints filed with Ombudsman’s office.  Found at fault.  Summaries not shared with public.  Mayor read summary into minutes of meeting following the raising of this issue.
  • Concerns with back room land deals / real estate purchases by municipal government (3 listed) – prices paid, no real estate valuations, proposed purpose/use of land. No consultation with public, CAC denied right to speak, cottager complaints not shared in Council.
  • Need to look at performance. CAC cannot support Dave Shulist and some current Council members. Need a new team.
  • 2 points of clarification raised by Dave Wilson crediting Dave Shulist, Andy Boyd

Hastings-Highlands (Banglow Wicklow McClure) Council & Mayoralty

  • Frank Hickie – incumbent, cannot attend
  • Bert Cannon – incumbent member of Council
  • Tracy Haggar – running for Council
  • Keith Buck – running for Council
  • Vivian Bloom – incumbent mayor, cannot attend but provided a written report
  • Brent Dalgleish – running for mayor

Past President, Papineau Lake Association:  Harold Harris

  • attends the majority of Hastings-Highlands Council meetings
  • 80% of property taxes paid by lakefront owners
  • small amount of progress toward Council assumption of certain lake related projects – slow progress. Thanks to Frank Hickie and Bert Cannon for supporting.
  • discussed road bid issue – Council went with high bid versus low bid (difference in excess of $400,000)
  • importance of getting involved, opportunity to be informed

Interlake Association:  Dave Wilson

  • following model of Round Lake/Golden Lake/Kasuby Lake, etc
  • provides key learnings across lake associations, fund raising ideas, etc.

Hinterland Beach Zone of Interest:  Charlie Parker:

  • may create difficulties for selling properties along Hinterland Beach due to proximity to old dump site
  • no pollution identified per recent tests (2012 latest)
  • Charlie Parker is currently attempting to sell his property and has encountered problems within past 2 months
  • also applies to River Road / Wolf Creek (dump closed in 1980)

Future Events & Announcements:

  • regatta – Aug 2
  • appetizer party Aug 9 – 69 Lewis Lane, 2pm at home of Lynn and Duncan MacLean

Update re Land Claims from MNR:  Dave Wilson:

  • phone conversation with MNR recently by Dave Wilson – why are the land claim properties selected, given maximums met already for water quality by MNR, etc?
  • profit motivation per Toronto lawyer
  • MNR has current building restrictions, which will not be relaxed, but it is responsibility of the municipality to enforce through their planning.
  • Potential for total blockage of development, but concerns that this will not be enforced.
  • We have been told that taxes will be due and payable at time of ownership handover, but concerns that waivers can/will be obtained.

Call for Volunteers:  Dave Wilson, Bob Millar

  • Regatta; Poker Run; Newsletter; Area Membership Reps; Water Hazard Marking; Issues & Liason
  • Membership reps (Bob Millar) – we are under-represented in the north end of Kamaniskeg Lake – there is significant potential for many more members
  • Dave Wilson is 3 years into his 5 year mandate as KAPOA President
  • importance of seasonal residents to VOTE. Confirm you are on the voter’s list, and contact municipality to confirm that they have your correct mailing address for the voters package.

Wrap up:  Dave Wilson – Meeting End 11:05 am

Directors Meeting 11:15am:

  • President – Vince motion to re-elect Dave Wilson, 2nd by Bob Millar, all passed
  • Vice-President – Vince motion to elect Bob Millar, 2nd by Dave Wilson, all passed
  • Treasurer – Dave motion to re-elect Vince Steepe, 2nd by Bob Millar, all passed
  • Secretary – Vince motion to elect Robin Lowry, 2nd by Roelf Beukens, all passed

Wrap-up:  Dave Wilson – Meeting End 11:20 am


2014 Annual General Meeting