2012 Regatta Highlights

Regatta Highlights

Saturday August 4th was yet another gloriously sunny and hot day for the KAPOA regatta.  We could not have wished for a better day for our beach enthusiasts!  The wind was a bit more challenging than hoped for, which resulted in a couple of overturned sailboats; however, the race proceeded and Dave Minty was the day’s sailing trophy winner.

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The day’s format did not vary dramatically from prior regattas.  Small enhancements this year included winning certificates for all of our sand castle teams, covering categories such as best use of natural materials, tallest sandcastle, most modern, and so on.  Given the amount of effort that goes into these artistic works, it seemed only fair that everyone’s efforts should be recognized!  Similarly, a purple participation ribbon was added this year for all regatta participants, and these appeared to be well received.  Nearly 60 ribbons were distributed throughout the day, representing 1 ribbon per child or adult who competed in at least 1 event during the day.

The swimming events were slightly expanded this year to provide more age categories of noodle races, including a 50+ age category, and the word on the dock was that even more age categories (over 10 years, and even over 15 years) were requested.  We are definitely keeping that in mind for next year.  Also requested for next year is more clarity regarding how the noodle must be carried on the body, as apparently some folks found really interesting ways to get that noodle across the finish line while not under any body part!  Live and learn!  In any case, the “fun” noodle races do not factor into the swimming trophy calculations, so no harm done for this year.  The female swim trophy was shared this year by 2 winning swimmers from 2 separate age categories – Olivia Joiner (Runnals Lane) and Lindsay Cox (Blackfish Bay).   Lindsay is the first to give Olivia a run for the trophy in 3 years – congratulations to both!  The male swim trophy was awarded this year to new member, Roy Van Ham (also Runnals Lane), who finished ahead of a strong set of male swimmers this year.  With so much competition in the male swimming age categories, it is easy to see why this trophy does not stay in the same hands for more than 1 year.

Combined scores for swimming and the canoe races (doubles, hand paddle, stand up paddle and around the sailing buoy) resulted in the Most Outstanding Competitor trophy going to Olivia Joiner for a second year in a row.   Notably, Olivia’s canoeing doubles partner was male swim trophy winner (and cousin), Roy Van Ham!  Who will challenge this pair next year, I wonder?  Keep those paddles in the water until then!

A new rope was ceremoniously unveiled for the 2012 tug-of-war competition.  Fewer teams stepped forward to challenge the long time reining Laugerquist-Pyz team this year, who again took first place ribbons in the pull.  We plan to have the adult teams register throughout the day next year, to encourage teams to start thinking earlier in the day about who they need to fill out their 5-women, 5-men teams.  We are also considering having children sign up to be assigned to teams, to better equalize the competition and to make it easier for the KAPOA organizers to get the kids to the rope when we’re ready to go.

The 50/50 draw was another great success this year, raising $265 for KAPOA (which will be donated to the St. Francis Hospital foundation for their equipment drive, and matched by the Weston Family foundation).  The winner of the other half of the money was Mark Hovorka – congratulations again!

This special day was made possible by our generous sponsors, who I would like to take the opportunity to again recognize:  Home Hardware (Barry’s Bay and Combermere stores), Cathy Pitts Realty, MV Satellite, the Pyz family, and Sand Bay Camp.  Thank you for the cash, hotdogs, prizes and ice!

As regatta director, I would like to give a very heartfelt thanks to all of my dedicated volunteers for making the 2012 KAPOA regatta another successful day, and our best yet in the 3 years that I have been involved with the regatta!  Many of the KAPOA directors played key roles in the day, in areas such as sandcastle judging, set up and take down, beach preparation, and membership renewals.  We also had returning and new member volunteers selling 50/50, hotdog and refreshment tickets, cleaning the beach & putting in the dock, running the races from the dock, and standing chest high in water at the finish line.  I am also blessed to have a vivacious and energetic family who BBQ’d hotdogs, tabulated wins and handed out ribbons to exhuberant participants, and announced & conducted races from the dock.  The regatta is a compilation of all sorts of volunteers who make it a fantastic day for all who come out.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you again, I can’t say it enough!  I hope to see volunteers and participants again next year!!!

Kerra Wylie, KAPOA Regatta Director

2012 Regatta Highlights