2010 Annual General Meeting

The 2010 KAPOA AGM was held on Saturday July 17th.

75 members attended the 2 hour gathering. The crowd was really engaged. The agenda included presentations from representatives of both municipalities as well as KAPOA executives presented sessions on Water Quality, Water Levels and Forestry.

2010AGM - audience from front rev 2

Click the following links to view the presentations:

A special thanks goes to Ken Ramsden for playing fiddle music as members arrived. (Ken can be reached at http://www.livemusicforalloccasions.com/ if you’d like to hire him for your own event). As well as Chad Smith for photography.

Here are a few of my takeaways from the meeting. An upcoming newsletter will have a proper overview.


Many members were surprised to learn that clear-cutting is expected to be taking place on some crown land near the lake over the next 10 years. As well, the proposed Ottawa Valley Forestry Management plan for 2011 to 2021 does not have an currently have an allowance to preserve the shore of the lake. KAPOA will be sending a written request to alter the current plan. However, we expect more requests will have a greater impact. KAPOA executives urge individual members to contact MNR and ask them to protect the environment and esthetics on lakes, rivers & streams and ponds. Specifically, request they alter the plan so that:

  • no cutting closer than 3m to waters edge
  • no damage due to machine activity within 15m of the water
  • within the first 15m all trees have to be marked by a tree manager and if not marked will not be cut
  • residual forests must be retained
  • within one year of cutting the LCC will review and if not satisfied then negotiate further plan amendments

For more information, review the Forestry presentation from the AGM or visit the Forestry page on the web site.

Water Quality

Our community is passionate about the water quality of Kamaniskeg. Folks attending the AGM seemed committed to inspecting their septic systems and doing their part to preserve the water quality. Members recognized the importance of improving our water quality monitoring practices as well increasing community education on the factors that impact water quality. A motion was passed to request that Madawaska Valley and Hastings Highlands Council sponsor improved annual water quality testing as a follow-up to the study Madawaska Valley sponsored in 2009 as well to work with councils to increase community education. It has been recognized by MV council that water at the water treatment plant is impaired (that’s why the 2009 study was sponsored). Now, action is required to maintain good water quality.

For more information, see the AGM presentation or visit the water quality page of the KAPOA web site.

Water Levels

This summer Kamaniskeg water levels have been within the normal summer operating range. See AGM presentation and Water Levels page for more information.

Membership, Volunteers and Sponsors

2010AGM - KAPOA prez

At the conclusion of the AGM, we had 125 paid members for 2010 and many folks committed to signing up new members. Many volunteers stepped up in both “full-time” and “part-time” roles. We have a new Secretary, Regatta Director, Forestry Director, Membership Director, Beach Clean-up Director as well as membership, communications and water quality volunteers. Over the past year, we have more than tripled the number of volunteers helping KAPOA. Community sponsors have returned too: Cathy Pitts ReMax Realty, Home Hardware Building Centres, MV Satellite, Madawaka Kanu Centre, Enviromental Analytical Systems and Paddler Co-op.

Thanks to everyone for helping revive KAPOA.

2010 Annual General Meeting