2013 Annual General Meeting

The KAPOA AGM was held Sat. July 27th 2013 at Madawaska Mountain and was attended by approximately 50 people (including board & mayors).


Hastings County Mayor: Vivian Bloom. Resource sharing has proven to be mutually beneficial for all parties. One example of resource sharing with Hastings County and Bancroft is the newly established fire administration. Now have one fire chief and newly hired fire inspector. Money is saved with training, sharing equipment and duplication of services. Amalgamation see newsletter. Voting : It is important that cottagers take the time to vote at their municipal elections. KAPOA suggests including a link to candidate information. Algonquin land claim: see link in KAPOA web site. Parks & Recreation: Hastings is looking at initiating a committee for parks and recreation.

St. Francis Memorial Hospital /Poker Run: Toni Lavigne-Conway : link on web site re poker run

Hastings Highlands Ratepayers Association: Keith Buck: goal is to create a Hastings highland ratepayer association. One of the goals of the association is to encourage cottagers to vote. Also want to ensure the community is heard.


Water Level & Flows: Cold Water Releases: Roelf Beukens: No real temperature changes with the releases and no difference at the base of the dam and canoe camp. Cold water due to fact that Bark Lake was not really warmed up from heat/wind and waves. Like last year we have not had many windy days. For example after a thunder storm with waves and wind…the temp will be different. Refer to attached presentation (PPT – AGM_2013).

Forestry : Evan Croskery: Check links on KAPOA website for information, as well as attached presentation (PPT – AGM_2013)

Algonquin Land Claim: Evan Croskery: Check links on KAPOA web site for updates and information, as well as attached presentation (PPT – AGM_2013)

Membership: Bob Millar: memberships are coming in slowly in some area/fast in others. Last year 220 and potential is 600 dam to dam.

Regatta: Kerra reported of planning, events and assistance needed to put dock in at 10:30, set up tents & tables at next Saturday’s event. As well, volunteers are needed during the day for the 50/50 draw, finish line, dock, ribbons, etc. This year’s changes include sign up sheets for the Tug-of-War.

Water quality: George Zurakowski: Over the last few years, the Total Phosphorus (TP) and turbidity (water clarity) test results for Kamaniskeg Lake compare favourably with results from other large lakes in the area such as Golden Lake, Round Lake and Baptiste Lake. The TP results for Kamaniskeg are averaging about 6 micrograms per litre. Levels over 10 would be cause for concern. Check the KAPOA web site for full report/studies and information. Lake Partner program (tests phosphorus) > needs volunteers. For more information Google lake partner program. It was suggested to look into Jim Haskins results from the 70s.

Financial Statement: Vince Steepe Refer to attachment for Financial statements (pg 1) and bank statement (pg 2). In future will include a designated spot for any bank interest. Former board member, George Newton, raised a concern about specified purpose for the KAPOA funds, given the current bank balance and potential CRA concerns.

Citizens Action Committee report: Andy Boyd. Refer to attachment (pgs 3-9) for presentation. Remember the next election is 14 months away.

Dave Shulist: welcoming statement.

Library report: Iwona Mooney: the local library will have a name change soon. See the library or township web site for further information. Municipality owns the building. The library board is responsible for everything inside the building. Outside gardening was done by the local horticultural society. There may be some changes to the payment schedule for non-resident individuals.

Election of Directors: Nominations by Ed Regan.

Dave Wilson, Kerra Wylie, Robin Lowry, Vince Steepe, Jeneene Brunton, Bob Millar, Evan Croskery, Roelf Beukens, Deanne Farrar, Cathryn Rees/Cormode, Jim Anderson.

Motion passed.

Meeting End: 12noon



Directors Meeting

July 27 2013

Attended by: Dave Wilson, Kerra Wylie, Robin Lowry, Vince Steepe, Jeneene Brunton, Bob Millar, Evan Croskery, Roelp Beukens, Deanne Farrar, Cathryn Rees/Cormode, Jim Anderson.

Vote for President: Dave Wilson; 1st: Cathryn Rees/Cormode 2nd. Deanne Farrar

Vote for VP: Kerra Wylie; 1st Dave Wilson 2nd. Deanne Farrar

Vote for Secretary: Robin Lowry 1st Kerra Wylie 2nd Dave Wilson

Vote for Treasurer: Vince Steepe 1st Robin Lowry 2nd Kerra Wylie

Vote for Membership: Jeneene Brunton 1st Cathryn Rees/Cormode 2nd Robin Lowry

Meeting ended at 12:30.

2013 Annual General Meeting