Restructuring of Boundaries

After years of heavy taxation and shamefully neglected services by the Township of Hastings Highlands people are looking for better options. The Kamaniskeg Area Property Owners Association has undertaken research into the feasibility of a realignment of a portion of the former Bangor Township with the Township of Madawaska Valley.

This realignment would bring the entire main body of the Kamaniskeg waterway under the same Municipal control. It would bring rate payers who are more geographically and financially tied to the services in Barrys Bay into that Townships control. Maynooth has little to offer these distant residents who live so far away.

A poling of the KAPOA members who are in Hastings Highlands brought back a 97% finding in favour of pursuing to research this option

KAPOA is now asking residents who are not current KAPOA members to respond and provide their input in the quest to fairer taxation and proper services.

Please send in your response whether you support or do not support amalgamation with Barry’s Bay, with your name and address to:

Box 297
Barry’s Bay On.
K0J 1B0

or email your response with your name and address to:

Ed Kobylka
President KAPOA

Restructuring of Boundaries