Flood Warning 2017

Just to keep you up to date on the levels in Kamaniskeg Lake and the flow in the river, MNR Bancroft has issued a flood warning for the York and Madawaska rivers.

No specifics were mentioned. The following information I have been able to get from OPG:

  • The Bark lake dam is currently releasing 180 cms which you should be able to confirm at your place.
  • The Palmer Rapids dam has been completely stripped and is releasing 370 cms.
  • With the York river bringing 180 cms into our system things are barely in equilibrium and levels in Kamaniskeg are expected to rise.

We are already more than 2 feet over normal. Overnight the gauge at Barry’s Bay registered a level of 4 cm over the maximum. With the melting snow and the rain these conditions are expected to continued and OPG is estimating that the levels will crest in a couple of days. OPG has advised that the conditions will be similar to those of 2013. Long term predictions are hard to come by. They depend on how quickly the levels can be brought down and on the accuracy of the forecasts for more rain later this week.

Roelf Beukens

Flood Warning 2017