2016 Water Quality Report

A third volunteer, Stefan Sibiga, has begun testing water quality on Kamaniskeg. He has chosen the old ski island test point so we should begin to see a resumption of data results from there soon. At least two other KAPOA members participate in the Ontario Lake Partner Program on the Kamaniskeg/Madawaska waterway. We submit samples to the Ontario Environment Ministry every spring and also do water clarity tests throughout the boating season. The Ministry sometimes also performs its own measurements.

The Ministry’s water sample analysis yields Total Phosphorus Concentrations in µg/L. Values less than 10 µg/L are usually OK. Those between 10 and 20 indicate potential issues while those in excess of 20 normally indicate major problems. Results for Kamaniskeg and Blackfish Bay as well as Golden Lake (for comparison) are depicted below for recent years:

Total Phosphorus Report

Another measure of lake water quality is the amount of turbidity or lack of water clarity. This is evaluated through a Secchi Depth Measurement. Results for recent years are shown below and include 2015 results from Nancy Bresolin for Blackfish Bay and unofficial 2016 results from George Zurakowski for Kamaniskeg’s North Basin:

Water Transparency

In general, Kamaniskeg compares favourably with lakes in the area.

George Zurakowski

2016 Water Quality Report