2016 Regatta Highlights

2016 KAPOA Regatta Wrap-up

Another glorious regatta day, we could not have asked for a better one for this year’s record turnout! The beach was brimming with sun shelters, sand castles and participants of all ages. We had all of the usual attendees and a good number of new ones – a trend we’d love to see continue for future regattas. A very big thanks to the KAPOA team who continue to make this day possible, and to the participants who make it all worth it. There is nothing more wonderful than hearing the encouragements across the water for our younger participants who race to their very limits, and the good, healthy competition exchanged with our more seasoned participants who need to take 5 after every race 🙂 And who knew that our most popular race this year would be the under 50 noodle race! We’ll definitely keep that one for next year!

A big shout out to our regatta sponsors: Cathy Pitts RE/MAX Country Classics Ltd., CO Country Market, the Pyz family and Yuill’s value-mart. We couldn’t have provided this great event without your generous contributions to hotdogs, drinks, ribbons, medals, signage and the upkeep of our trophies!

While everyone has fun and is a winner, we do award our outstanding sailing, swimming and all around competitor trophies to those participants who finish on top – a big congratulations to the following trophy winners:

  • Girls Swimming (highest number of points for the free swim, breast stroke and backstroke races): A three-way tie between Alaina Ralph, Lindsay Cox & Sara Hansen
  • Boys swimming (highest number of points as above): Ian Cox
  • Most outstanding competitor (highest number of points for combined 3 swimming and 4 canoe races)- Ryan Kodis
  • Sailing (first place finisher after handicap considerations): William Cahoon

And the day would not be complete without all of our sandcastle winners who received individualized certificates for their winning categories, and the tug of war champions – Team 6 (Juniors), and the Lagerquist/Pyz A team (Seniors). The senior winners beat the odds after having to qualify to the final round, and with little rest then undertake defending champions “Sharknado” (formerly the “Barbarians”). The crowd on the beach received quite a show of strength and determination in the final pull!

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Fantastic photos have been captured of the day’s finest memories by our long-time volunteer photographer, John Michalecki.

Wendy McInerney and Courtney Mott won $345.00 in the 50/50 draw.

Thank you again, for a fabulous event and your words of encouragement throughout the day. We’re always happy to hear what’s going well, and what we can do better. And of course, we’d love your help next year with any of the events if you can give us a little of your time on the big day. See you next year on the Aug Civic holiday weekend!

Kerra Wylie and Lynne MacLean

2016 Regatta Highlights